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  1. I think at this level the swings are going to be pretty big if the pots go down to the river. Matusow was at 500k and now he's like almost gone.
  2. It's not very packed any more, around 60 players or so. that's like 7 tables. the chip updates on poker news have been much more frequent lately.
  3. I think DN just lost a 40k pot. Down to 360 now according to pokernews
  4. Ferguson, Laak, Todd Brunson, Lederer among the notables to go bust recently.
  5. Well, it's probably not very accurate, since somebody already posted that Barry Greenstein is in first place now and Elezra or whatever his name is down to 300 k, but according to the WSOP site I just checked, Elezra is in first with 510K, and DN is 2nd with 400.
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