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  1. I did not pay the 99 dollars I think it is scam that sucks I hate people who try to take advantage of other people's dreams... lol yeah that is funny i did see ur post on there site now it's gone lol...
  2. Thanks for the info bud i probably will not do it they got there own poker forum on the website and alot of the players that signed were talking about them false advertising somethings
  3. I know tell me about it I don't know what I'm going to do
  4. I just found this on the website----Our Program----Our program is designed to benefit players that are either new to the game or do not have means to play at the level they wish. Big-game/stakes players may not benefit nearly as much from the program as low-mid stakes players. The higher you move up in limits/buy-ins, the less you can benefit from our program. ----Contract Value----Initially, the value of the contract is calculated with a few things in mind. First, obviously the tournament buy-ins, second, it encompasses all fees associated with player travel, such as hotel stay, promotional m
  5. Man it's hard to tell I mean i did some reasearch and got good reviews from players that are sponsored but got negative from the people that haven't even signed with them. I think it's a big oppourtunity for aspiring players. i know that if they offer u a contract everyone get's offered the same contract and basically the top players are going to get contract extensions.
  6. I was wondering has anyone ever heard of them? They sponsor poker players to play in live and online events. I filled out there little test gave them my address and stuff and got contacted in about a month in a half later them telling me that they are willing to offer me a 1 year 6k contract to play in online and live tournaments. The catch is I got to send them a 99 dollar processing fee for the contract. Today I'm gonna decide if i do it or not and I was wondering if anyone had information about the company check it out www.pokerpayday.com
  7. who is at daniel's table? I know he got eric lynch aka "rizen" who is ranked by pocketfives.com as the number 2 ranked online tournament player at his table
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