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  1. i did not think i was that influential.
  2. best season of bates motel so far. they shed some of the side-plots around town so it was much more focused. and vera is great!
  3. qyayqi

    The Hideout

    opened a bottle of EVOO. cut my finger on the metal lid. blood everywhere. teal wanders into kitchen, sees the mess, asks what happened. i say i cracked open the olive oil & they were freakin' serious about the extra-virgin part.
  4. i am clearing some movies off the pvr. i don't stream any, so i record random stuff to watch. eventually i feel like watching movies & work my way through some of them. i also have all of this season's bates motel & better call saul to get through. for those it'll probably be 2 a day once i get rolling.
  5. chappie (2015). i don't know, man. i just don't know. i think i'm negatively impacted by hoping for some laughs this morning and not realizing this wasn't that movie. 58/100.
  6. proof (2005). paltrow crushes it. gyllenhaal is less believable as a math guy, maybe it is the script but the character seems a little dumbed down. anthony hopkins does a fine if not exceptional job. the sister was maddening, but she was supposed to be, so: well done! paltrow crushes it. could have used more actual math. 83/100.
  7. a fern on the wide side will balance the space.
  8. i went & watched the clip, then listened to the original song. THEN i saw a version by the proclaimers. i like their music, so i gave it a listen. they slowed down the tempo of it too much. i peeked at the comments and saw a suggestion to play it at 1.25x speed. much better!
  9. stranger than fiction (2006). it has been a few years since i watched it, it still sucked me right in. 87/100. little did qyayqi know, he was about to say screw it and bump the score up. 88/100. not a lot. enough to make him rethink how he was scoring movies.
  10. qyayqi

    The Hideout

    if i get shot, i will be doing my best to not fall down in a cross-related pose.
  11. the duff (2015). i initially thought the lead was also in detention, but i was wrong. however, this actress did a fine job for the type of movie this is. high school movies don't exactly speak to me anymore, but it was funny enough. 71/100.
  12. nothing but the truth (2007). that ending, man. man, that ending. i watched this after noticing vera farmiga was in it. 6.5/10. i don't think that ending did what the director thought it did. 2007. he m night'd the shit out of it.
  13. thenextrembrandt project that computer-generated a rembrandt-like painting is pretty interesting, though it would have been nice if they'd included some notthenextrembrandt iterations where the algorithm went horribly wrong along the way to a successful one. ie: thenextrembrandt project, day 1: not as human as we had hoped, but we are confident the algorithm will evolve. ... day 278: eureka!
  14. the third man. holds up well(es). could use a few more explosions and a little less zither, but enjoyed the re-watch.
  15. qyayqi

    The Hideout

    ... i don't understand what is being said....
  16. qyayqi

    The Hideout

    try upping the dose.
  17. qyayqi

    The Hideout

    "so, i was thinking--" "oh, shit." "-- why do so many drugs on tv warn about suicidal thoughts or actions, but none cause homicidal thoughts or actions?" "well, that is interesting." "i took that new medication. cleared up my acne, but i killed my family. good thing they had that warning, i bought lots of plastic last week." "uff, that'd be--" "win win!" "...." "oh, come ON! you know my family."
  18. same as it ever was, working 365 days a year to be ready for the econopocalypse. (i'll assume the like was for see-legs.)
  19. baskets took a few episodes to get its see-legs, then was overall pretty good to very good.
  20. 5guys made it to the boonies. what would i be ordering?
  21. those really are pretty funny, and exceptionally well done. let me just give you a handful of kudos, mister.
  22. i think the pacman outfit would be more effective if the top was ms pacman right boob chasing ghost left boob. then the answer to "well, where is pacman?" is to lift the flap. possibling including saying, "eating the power up."
  23. i'll try to organize my thoughts & post something about it this week. i had to wait 'til today to say this so that 'this week' wasn't ending TOO SOON.
  24. nicely co-opted definition by the producers. and... you trust the usda with your food? and the fda with your drugs?
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