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  1. Ya this doesn't look real at all but could be wrong.What's with all of that stuff happening anyhow?
  2. I don't think it's been stated anywhere yet if he did or didn't. He might of since there is no blog update yet hehe.
  3. Regardless there are so many threads about this now.The Mods need to like merge all topics into one and close down any new ones that open up.It is getting rediculous. I think a lot of people are in the blue like most since we aren't "Lawyers" but seriously who cares? We can get information from whoever we want.
  4. lol these forums are starting to get out of hand.We all just gotta sit down and just relax. You don't want the entire site to be a flame War do we?
  5. What I think Daniel got mad about is how he thought Raymer and him where cool.That's what he was talking about on the blog for a lot of it.
  6. What the heck are you talking about?lol why would it be over for?
  7. Well I didn't say there was anything wrong with it persay, just that the WSOP 10,000 dollar buy in tourny used to be for the top pros. Now it isn't so much like it anymore that's all.
  8. Ah man that sucks. Oh well maybe I can find it online some where.Would be nice to see
  9. Out of all those players, I really think Humburto is the guy to make it to the Final Table.However I'm thrilled to see Annie Duke way up there. She is doing VERY well. It's great for the sport of Poker.Kinda sad though of what Poker has become in a tourny like that. It's not just the big Pros and semi pros and a few amateurs. It's full of noobs, internet qualifiers and people just wanting a shot at a cool 12 million dollars.Sure that makes the sport popular as well, but when the winner can very well be another no namer again, it kinda makes everything a little out of whack.
  10. I think Daniel played a hell of a game. I mean I wasn't there, but just from his blogs, and watching certain hands online, and then seeing his chip stack go up and down, I feel that he really did well.It's too bad he's done for this year, but hey at least you didn't lose money. I know at that point it wasn't just about the fun, it was about winning it all as well.If you're ever in the Mississauga area, I'll buy YOU a drink hehe :)Take a little break from Poker to refresh yourself and jump back in it. That's always a good thing :)I mean look at Tiger Woods. He took a little time off and now loo
  11. And besides, who said I just wanted to go to a Casino and wear it? They look awesome in general, and since I'm a goaltender anyhow, it's fine for me since I'll use it often
  12. Ya it just HAD TO BE! I mean it's impossible for somebody coming from an online Poker Site, trained by Daniel for only a month at the time, and winning just over 200k!Then again you can look at Moneymaker, Hachman and whoever else.I mean really just get over yourself. He had NOTHING to gain by doing it.
  13. Haha well it's ok.We get to see the lovely Miss Alba so it's all good :PBut really, it seems to me he's playing too many All In bets. He's just gotta relax a bit. Sure he's back up to over 100,000 but he has to fight more than he would have it he was just taking it a bit easier with his 330k.
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