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  1. You've had a crappy couple days and it's wearing on your mind and made you feel pretty bad, but I know you're gonna bounce right back. You'll feel all better next time you cash in a tourney or feel you play really well. Just don't get too down on yourself. I'm sure you had jet lag and stuff going on. I've also taken the long flight to Australia and it is wayyy too long and definitely takes something out of you. I just thought that you should know that you are a hero and an example for a lot of people and we are all backing you and sweat you every time you are playing. What I say may not
  2. Yeah.. thanks guys... I think it was just extra bad because I never play that high and because I was gonna cash out, but stayed just to get that guys money, but instead the exact opposite happened. Irony?
  3. Well, that's it, I cashed out all my money. Time to find some live games if I feel like playing. What a pain in the ***
  4. The one time that stands out in my mind where I had the hardest time sleeping was when I was playing at this pool hall. I usually play .10/.25 online like 9 tables (low stakes, I know) but when I play live I'll Play 1/2 NL at this pool hall. Anyway one night I sat down at the table and bought in for 100$ and when the blinds got to me I threw in my 2 bucks, and everyone was like... you owe 3 more, we're playing 2/5NL at this table. I was a little surprised, but whatever I paid it. Very first hand I get 99 and trip up on the flop to win a nice sized pot. Next hand AA with two people puttin
  5. Talk about poker strategy with a friend. Concentrate on how I'll need to play If I wanna win. Sometimes I'll make a list of stupid mistakes to avoid, along with things to do and not do. While some of them may be obvious, sometimes it helps.
  6. I asked Daniel this same question, but figured I'd bring it to general to see how others feel about it.How do you take hands that you feel you played badly or hands that you lost a lot of money on and put them out of your thoughts???I find myself rehashing bad plays or bad beats over and over again in my head when I'm trying to fall asleep that night and it = insomnia Anybody have thoughts on this?
  7. How do you take hands that you feel you played badly or hands that you lost a lot of money on and put them out of your thoughts???I find myself rehashing bad plays or bad beats over and over again in my head when I'm trying to fall asleep that night and it = insomnia Anyway, I'm sure you've seen way more bad beats and hands over your lifetime and I was just wondering if you have found a good way to cope or dealAnybody else have thoughts on this?
  8. I was <-----------------> that close to dropping out of school and trying to be a online player two years back. But the way things have gone I am so glad that I didn't. Poker is a ton of fun and I can still do it in my spare time and make money, however, it's important to have a real career and a steady source of income. Even the very best players have losing sessions and bad weeks or perhaps longer. In that case you are not only spending time not making money, but actually losing it. In a real job you are going to be bringing in money every week guaranteed. I can't wait to gradua
  9. Wow.. I'm impressed with anyone who can live the veagan lifestyle. you must be a strong willed individual. I live in dairyland and this would never happen even if for some weird reason I wanted it to
  10. hahahah.. the mike caro one really made me laugh... good stuff, it really does have his look to it
  11. Username Games Played Av. Profit Av. Stake Av. ROI Total Profit Form Network Filter Roothlus . . .... .372 ........ -$10 ........ $103 ....... 7% ........ -$3,885 ....... .- PokerStars x
  12. Very interesting. I saw something like that when I was in Japan. Not quite so cool and complex, but you parked your car in this spot and this machine that had like 6 spots on it rotated and lifted your car in the air and made room for another car, somewhat analogous to a ferris wheel. It was pretty sweet, but not nearly as cool as your link
  13. Daniel it's going to take a little longer than 4-6 weeks to grow back to close to anything I've ever seen you have for a hair length. In 4-6 weeks you might look like you have an army buzz cut, but it'll probably take a few months till you have anything you can actually style. Anyway, go for it!!! You have the facial hair to support a venture like that. Guys without facial hair who shave their heads look like weird babies, but you will look like a bad a$$ with the goat. Cheers!
  14. Do you ever make posts that aren't trolling and Anti-Negreanu in some way????? Seriously... I'm sorry that your sons want to be pro poker players... but let it go man.
  15. I remember that episode. Does he even play in the WSOP anymore? or has he realized that he won't ever luckbox his way into the money again?AND WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO SPIDERMAN????? Bring him back!!!!!
  16. I caught a guy cheating in my home game once. I kicked him out forever, which was a really hard decision since he was a friend and friends with everyone else as well. But man.. what kind of a guy cheats his friends? I think there will always be people who try to cheat, just because some people really suck at the game and are looking for any advantage possible, but people who do get caught should be punished. It's so rare that people actually get caught, and it's important to let people know that it's not okay.If you do nothing to stop cheats, then the game becomes about who is the best che
  17. I'll ship anyone who wants to be backed the money on pokerstars? is that okay? We'll split winnings 50/50
  18. 5k check? I'll be making more than 50 bucks an hour someday, and will only make 2k a week, and I'll be a doctor in my field. So if you know a place where they pay 20 year olds 5k a week, I went into the wrong profession.
  19. What site do you play on and what's your screen name?
  20. Is there not a reasonable amount someone should get for the work that guy did. Obviously he doesn't deserve 6 ****ing million dollars for his 2 crappy celebs. I mean, Jaimie was probably planning on not winning any money. While I'm not a Jamie fan, I don't think that guy deserves 6 mil. Maybe a few grand or something
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