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  1. How does a person do a decent act of someone with a much darker skin tone, unless they use makeup and use actions that are usually attributed with those people? Daniel didn't say one bad thing about the Jamacan PEOPLE or make them look bad with his actions. Could you just explain why you find it so offensive?
  2. "A widely held but fixed and oversimplified image or idea of a particular type of person or thing." Hmmm... where does that sound like derogatory?DEROGATORY1. DESPARAGING;BELITTLEDEROGATE1. TO TAKE AWAY; DETRACT2. TO DISPARAGE; BELITTLEI'm sorry, but you're wrong. I'm sorry for you, because you think you're right as well.Daniel did nothing to belittle or desparage the Jamacan Race.Obviously he wanted it to be politically correct as well, because he screened it before releasing it. People who have a problem with it are just way too uptight.
  3. Who ever said there was anything wrong with sterotyping? If you are going to imitate a character from a particular culture, in order for people to know what the heck you are doing you need to have some identifying characteristics. Racism is the bad thing, and Derogatory Stereotyping is bad. Plus I know from pretty much all of your past posts, that you pretty much do nothing but bring negativity to this forum and criticize Daniel at every opportunity.
  4. You're welcome man... I just know it's gotta be hard to be in a position like yours where every little thing you say and do is analyzed and criticized. It's like people are just lurking in the shadows waiting to take things the wrong way. haha
  5. Just wondering if you owned a pool table? If not, you should invest. It's a great way to keep up your skills and practice shots. I'm sure with a little time put into it, you could get back the amazing game that you used to have as a kid.
  6. I can't believe anyone was offended by that. It was a jamacan.... The old blackface things, made blacks out to look bad and were very stereotypical and derogatory towards blacks in america. You were doing a Jamacan, and not in any derogatory sense. I don't see where the problem is? That's what some of them sound like. You weren't saying anything bad. I think people may be confusing stereotyping and racism. THE DEFINITION OF RACISM1.THE BELIEF THAT A PARTICULAR RACE IS SUPERIOR TO OTHERs2.DISCRIMINATION OR PREJUDICE BASED ON RACEDaniel was no where near either of those. Seriously p
  7. Daniel, your impressions are really good. I remember that video of yours when you did everyone at the final table of that one tournament.. on a boat I think it was. Love the Scotty Nguyen sp? impression, He's such a character. You had the laugh down. Just need to throw a few more "baby"s in and mabye "All you can eat baby" and "Thats no limit baby"
  8. Except for Balloon guy, he's cool, even though I may disagree with everything he says. He argues his side pretty well and is funny.
  9. I wondered when this would go down. Figured it was only a matter of time til they cracked down on any poker rooms with US relations.Watch out Howard Lederer!
  10. 1130. Just glad I started cashing most of it out in october, but a little mad at myself for not putting it all in stars when this **** started going down like a lot of others did. I was thinking that if I put it in stars I would have no way to get it out, but I could have just had them send me a check.... Doh!
  11. Yeah.. plus I had never heard that before. And I find it very very interesting that moneymaker offered that to Farha
  12. haha.. I just watched that movie with my friends the other day. I've seen that movie like 40 times, but never realized it was jon steward til a week or so ago.
  13. hahahaha.. Daniel, you are a funny funny man
  14. Engaged! Woot!the big daylater that night....ball of fur and love5 tabling... he's just a kitten, so he's working his way up
  15. 2 pending withdrawals, made on the day of the arrest... They tell me something different pretty much every time I call. Sooooo I don't know what else I can do but wait.
  16. a lot of other people have pointed this out, but what kind of table lets you take money off of it in the middle of play.. You just can't do that. It's not fair to the other players, they should have a chance to win their money back if you are going to stick around. 4000 is not much money to doctors and lawyers. that's probably around 1 weeks pay for most of them
  17. He said he knows him from fear factor, I thought. Joe wasn't a very big part on News Radio and looks and acts completely different from that character. I had watched both fear factor and news radio for years until I finally put it together about a month ago."Apparently fear is not a factor, FOR YOU" Thanks Joe, Please feed more blond hotties some african cave dwelling spiders. Careful, they bite on the way in
  18. Myself, my fiance, and everyone I know loves Dane Cook and his comedy. In my opinion he's the funniest standup comic out there right now. Can't think of anyone else whose videos make me laugh harder. I'm pretty sure you are the minority on this subject. But way to insult the majority, prick
  19. I don't think it's politically correct to say retard anymore.
  20. that's what this 17 year old kid got for getting a bj from a 15 year old girl who initiated it. Now he has to rot in jail for 10 years because of some outdated law that they changed after his trial anyway. He'll also be labeled as a sex offender for the rest of his life. If this article doesn't get your blood boiling, I don't know what will.BJ Bad Beat
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