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  1. Can't believe you made me pull this out again***** THE DEFINITION OF RACISM1.THE BELIEF THAT A PARTICULAR RACE IS SUPERIOR TO OTHERS2.DISCRIMINATION OR PREJUDICE BASED ON RACE********************************************I don't think most people even know what the heck racism is. Just because you mention someones race or talk about it does not automatically make it racism. I understand why some people might think that because we have all been taught to be so sensitive and that race altogether is taboo to some folks, but come on people!!!! If you really didn't realize, Daniel was being s
  2. That's funny... In my cash game today I raised 4xBB with KK and a guy with 83suited called. He pushed all his chips in on the flop with only a flush draw and hit it on the river. It's obviously a winning strategy people!!!sw
  3. Well I'll be damned. I just checked my drug cards and sure enough, if they aren't all Schedule III's. Thanks for catching that. I think I got confused cause this week I made suppositories in the lab using Morphine, which is a Schedule II
  4. :D :D :) :icon_dance: :icon_dance: :icon_dance:
  5. That guy had the funniest laugh ever.. ha ha ha ha. lol
  6. Madison..... the place was Cuenique... right off of state street
  7. A pool hall in my town in wisconsin used to have 25$ buy in tournaments and a 1/2 NL game would start up afterwards. I had a few good nights there too. First night made 765, and the second night 435. I was meaning to go back there again soon, but just heard that the city came in and shut them down
  8. I enjoyed it, and thought there were funny parts. I agree about those damn ribbons too... **** like that is so trendy.. like after 911.. people covered everything they owned in American flags.
  9. I pay 1000 for a 1 bedroom. It's pretty nice, but I'm sure there are many houses in WI going for less a month in mortgage payments.
  10. guy in bottom left looks like Billy bob thorton
  11. Good analysis. The three brand names of this product are Lorcet + Lorcet Plus, Lortab, and Vicodin. It's the Number one selling combanation of drugs in the U.S. and yes it can be very habit forming. Since Hydrocodone is an opiod derivative it's going to have opiod like side effects (Morphine). So expect small pupils and Constipation among others
  12. Lortab is a Schedule II Analgesic/narcotic, goes by generic name Hydrocodone Hydrocloride and Acetaminophen. I don't think I'd recommend taking that before having to do anything that involved concentration.
  13. The trick is to just keep cashing out and Never deposit. Saves a lot of extra work
  14. I tutored at a middle school last year and at the end of the year, we had a little party where the parents of the kids came in and got ot meet the tutors. One little girl's mom came in and brought the rest of her daughters with her. Turns out that she had 5 daughters, aged 12, 8, 6, 5, and 3. What blew me away was that every single daughter had a different dad. The mom had no job or boyfriend or anything. It was a pizza party, and I watched her send her daughters up for extra pizza and she was stuffing it in her purse. Oh I forgot to mention that she weighed probably 250. Anyway.. I jus
  15. How is this guy still here? he never contributes anything positive. the only posts I've ever seen him make were ones taking shots at Daniel. He's obviously got his mind made up that he doesn't like DN for some reason, but why he still hangs around here, I haven't the faintest idea.Email from Logic411 to Fulltilt below. You seem like a pretty cocky/angry person. Perhaps you need to relax a little. By the way, nice touch on the caps lock... really makes for easy reading, and gives off the right effect, if you are going for whiney little loser. Perhaps you should look for things in your o
  16. No wonder Daniel was pissed. He had every right to be. Here he had just split with his fiance 3 days before... and Joe starts talking about some other guy doing her and shooting it in her face and her worshiping his junk. Just terrible. If I were Daniel I would have been very taken aback and upset with what Joe said. You don't say **** like that to someone who's heart is probably hurting over a recent breakup with a loved one.
  17. I think there might be some truth to what you say
  18. I think you did have the accent down better than Akroyd. Don't let the haters bother you Daniel. No matter what you do, or say, someone somewhere is going to be able to find some problem with it.
  19. Haha.. well it's good to hear you got slate.. it's the only way to go. Yeah, red felt is neat, I've seen blue and maroon too. I have no pool table at present, so a 700 one would be just fine! Some day maybe I'll get one of those oak monsters that cost more than most people's cars... but for now, I'll just have to envy yours.
  20. That's awesome... what kind? green felt? Slate or particle board?
  21. Well, the badger game is on, and dinner is served so I will talk to you gentlemen later. Peace!
  22. Okay.. I agree that stereotypes and generalizations in general are bad. but you have to agree that Daniel's intent here was not malicious. Intent is very important. I'm sorry that you disagree, but I think you need to see where Daniel is coming from and that he was just trying to be humorous with no ill intent. If you spend your life trying to find Offensive material where there is none, then that is going to make life a little harder in my opinion.
  23. I almost bought one a few months back... but I live in an apartment right now.. and who knows if the next place will be big enough for one.I sure do miss my table back home... good times!! Pool table in my basement used to make for the best parties! A lot more can happen on a pool table than just pool too!
  24. You threw this Definition at me first bud. "Stereotypes are derogatory by definition: "a widely held but fixed and oversimplified image or idea of a particular type of person or thing"." I was just trying to show you that you were wrong and that Derogatory and Sterotypical do not in fact go hand in hand. Haven't you thought about Positive Stereotypes??? Like asians are good at math? Etc.
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