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  1. Does anyone kow if Cunningham is eliglible for the Full Tilt 10 mil bonus for the FT winner. I know Luke CHung who was the last FT online qualifier to go out was eligible but are there sponsored pros? Did he maybe play a 10 man 1000 SNG qualifier to get his Main Event $$ to win the extra 10 Mil.?
  2. Tue Aug 08 15:42:00 PDT 2006New Seat AssignmentsFeature Table:1. William Thorson2. Michael Binger3. David Einhorn4. Leif Force5. Rhett Butler6. Jeff Lisandro7. Jamie Gold8. Allen Cunningham9. Luke Chung Table 2:1. Richard Lee2. Paul Wasicka3. Dan Nassif4. John Magill5. Doug Kim6. Kevin Aaronson7. Erik Friberg8. Fred Goldburg9. Sirous Jamshidi Cunningham gets to act after Gold. Just think off all those chips next to each other like that on the table, wonder if there will be room
  3. Why do you have hardon for this guy?
  4. I want to add a comment here regarding tools, there are different levels...Begining moderate to worse1. Tool2. Tool Box3. Tool Chest4. Tool Shed5. (Reserved for very special occasions) Tool Factory
  5. Thx, read that after I posted. Still think all the verbal jabbing is pretty weird.
  6. Daniel,Have you confirmed that Raymer said the things that the OP put in his post from Poker Stars? That could have easily been faked or altered from a session that he was playing.I am not saying it is fake, but sounds a little childish verbage from a lawyer. I know it is basically quick type chat. I just cannot picture someone like Raymer using that vernacular (not that I know him, just what I see on TV).
  7. I posted this in the general forum, (noone answered) has anyone played in the $500 Bellagio Tourney? How is it? Details?
  8. Better than the RIO, it has been awhile but that was by far the best when I was there (1998)
  9. As I mentioned earlier my wife is a hair stylist and we will be there for a hair show, so the shampoo and conditioner will not be an issue
  10. Has anyone here played in this tournament? If so how was it, how many played, what did first pay etc.????
  11. My wife is a hair stylist, there is a huge hair show at the mandalay bay that weekend. Every main hotel is already booked (late January) so these and the flamingo are my best options!I've never hard of Vegas being sold out, its ridiculous. Aparaeently they aren't suffering from 9/11 anymore!
  12. So what about the Alladin, it is 700+- for Imperial for 3 nights and $1,000 for alladin. Is it worth the extra $300??? (includes air faire) You know how if you go to certain hotels in Hawaii they are catered to the Japanese, because so many vacation there, from the pictures this looked like a place that catered to Asains (again not that it matters, just an observation)
  13. It looks like it is catered toward asians, not that, that really matters.My concern is it dirty, My wife will kill me if I book a hotel that is dirty.
  14. Has anyone stayed here? I am going in January and everything is sold out. It is between this place and the Alladin but this is half the price of the Alladin.Any input would be appreciated.
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