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  1. You mean the one that shows how thin she is?Poopy, you are incorrect on this one.
  2. OK, Cobalt just posted this in the IASIP thread, but it needs to be here to for all to see:http://www.uproxx.com/webculture/2011/09/t...ia-gifs/#page/1
  3. Depends on your definition. Currently funds are being taken from it, to put in the general funds, which are not what they are intended for. It's not cut and dry a ponzi scheme, but it fits some of the definition.
  4. Tim, think you are reading that wrong there buddy. It's pretty clear what it's saying.
  5. I would spend money on the Ramen, and if I didn't have to go out of my way, the ice.The rest, there is no chance I would spend that much on those items. (that is considering my current level of income, not some mythical place where I have won the lottery or something)
  6. BSMost republicans also opposed Bush's tax stimulus in 2003 that was a whopping $600 per person.We have been asking for cuts and changes to spending. Not (mostly) meaningless temporary tax cuts to employees.
  7. Ya, this is the part that is frustrating me. Typically I would be all for tax cuts, but this is not where it should be done at this time. SS is already underfunded, this is just going to add to the problem.
  8. I just talked to my dad and he hired some 20 year old to come over and weed eat today and put some rock in some planter boxes. Apparently it took the kid an hour to get the weed eater line fed properly, my dad had to keep coming out and doing it for him. He weedeated(?) for about 15 minutes until he ran out of line and couldn't put the line in again. So my dad had him spread the rock instead. He had to put it in a wheel barrow and move it to the planter, then spread it with a rake. My dad came back outside 15 minutes later and the kid was sitting in his truck with his head down. My dad asked w
  9. You're not, MGD is trying to make a comparison that isn't there.
  10. http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/ticket/obama-d...-155241606.html This is amusing but it really tells what is going on with our country in regards to who we want to elect vs. who is running. I think the problem that we have is the people whom we have running or who want to run are very extreme, one way are the other. The public want someone in the middle (like Christie), vs a religious ideologue or someone with socialistic leanings.
  11. Is it possible to apply the laws of diminishing returns to pieces of shit?
  12. They call each other brother, not bro. Bro is short for broheim, a term not used by the blacks.
  13. Never in my life have I heard a black person say "bro." The only time ever hear "bro" is when douchey white guys are talking to other douchey white guys.
  14. http://news.yahoo.com/blogs/trending-now/f...-154908308.htmlI think people have too much time on their hands. How is this possibly racial intimidation?
  15. Is this thread pro violence or anti violence against women?But I'll just throw this out there, specifically for SA21.http://comedians.jokes.com/daniel-tosh/vid...ke-a-challenge/
  16. Sounds like they showed up just in time so you don't have to decorate for halloween.
  17. Friends of mine named their kid Aiden. I really hate that name, it sounds evil.There kid also looks like stitch.
  18. I think we found our in. VB, get on that shit, stat!
  19. Dude, fuck movies for making it seem ok to stop someone mid-rant with a kiss. If I was yelling at a boy for being a douchebag and he grabbed my face and KISSED me? Oh no. No fucking way. I would be livid. Right? Who does that? That’s not an answer, young adult fiction authors. That is face rape. And if they showed a girl doing that? People would be all “crazy bitch.” People is a real asshole.
  20. That sounds strangely like a "day" for you.
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