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  1. I was given a copy of BBT season one this past week. I watched the first disk, but I am not sure if I can watch anymore. The laugh track is atrocious, and it's not really very funny. There is a moment here and there, but I don't see how they can take this awkward friends thing, but with only one chick and nerds, past one season.
  2. If it was below college I would probably only do it if my daughter was on the team.As far as college or professional, I'm getting paid, most likely a pretty good salary to coach basketball...I'm gonna assume I do this, smiling. Plus, you know, lesbians.
  3. It's been a long time since people have been able to demand salaries and benefits, so I don't know what you are basing this off. What evidence of this do you have? Also, your comparison makes no sense, an IRA is an individual retirement account. A pension is pooled money. So unless you are saying people are choosing to roll their pension to an IRA (which some do if the pension has that option, but their is a break even) your statement doesn't make a lot of sense.To me, the big benefit of IRA's or 401k's is that the money becomes generational, most pensions end at the death of the second spouse
  4. Well that is an interesting theory, but I can't think of one example of a company going defined benefit to defined contribution then giving everyone a 10% raise.
  5. He no longer has a monetary stake in his opinion!
  6. There absolutely is Henry. 401k's are cheaper for employers. There is no actuary. They can choose to match or not match. All the have to do is make sure they pass the weighting test and file the form 5500. A basic 401K plan can cost the employer as little has $2000 a year TOTAL if there is no matching. For a pension plan it is much much more expensive, and in a pension plan the employer HAS to contribute, along with much higher administrative and actuarial costs.
  7. I'm in my 30's and would rather have a pension plan. What you are missing is most pension plans are funded more by the employer than the employee, where the 401K is more the employee or ALL the employee.Let's take a police officer who retires at 55 after 30 years on the force. They will get 90+% of their last year salary. So lets say that equates to 7K per month, with COLA. To get that monthly income at that age, someone would have to have 2.1MM in their 401K plan. (with no COLA)To get that much money, the would need to put away $27,000 per year, getting a annual RoR of 6%.
  8. Sorry Henry but you are 100% wrong here. Companies are moving to 401K plans because they are much much cheaper to administer, and most don't even have a match anymore. This is a simple answer. Most people are idiots and have no idea what they are doing. You would be SHOCKED at the people who are still in cash after the market crashed in 2008. Most of them moved to cash around Feb/Mar of 2009.The people who try to actively manage their money usually put their funds in whatever asset class did the best the previous year. I see a lot of people heavy in Emerging Markets right now.
  9. Let's not fool ourselves. People want certainty. They want SS to be like a pension and not like a 401k. Most people when they retire, want their assets to provide them guaranteed income. That is why the use of annuities has increased tremendously for the last decade. The way to fix SS is treat it like a traditional pension, with strict investment restrictions as to how much risk they can take.I wish copernicus still posted here, he could explain the nuances of how and why this would work.
  10. Have you ever heard of a pension plan?
  11. It's been 4 years and just shy of 4 months, do you still feel the same way?
  12. Is it as a free throw coach? Because from what I know about you this is the only thing you are qualified for.
  13. It is not traditional insurance. The disability part is permanent disability, not state disability if you break your leg and can't work construction for 6 months.SS is like a pension. It's a defined benefit plan, and like other defined benefit plans (United Airlines) the principle has been utilized for other things. If the treated SS like CalPERS or another large pension plan like that, they would have enough money to fund it for generations. But as of now, the only investment vehicle SS can use is US treasuries. If there was a change to the structure of the plan two major things would happen.
  14. True, we don't want no politicians showin up!
  15. If there were alien life forms, would they have their own bible, or would they have ours?
  16. So that is the odd thing to me. This sole entity was just *somewhere. That is the part for me that needs explanation.
  17. Always is what loses me in this. So was he once alone in Heaven, just chillin and said, Hey, I should create something to tell me I'm awesome, since I can pretty much do anything I want. BOOM, angels. Then after a few millenia, he got bored again and decided to make Earth and then got bored again and made people?What about the other planets? Did he make all those? If he did, how come only one (that we know of) has life?*I am honestly not trying to be a dick, i am actually very curious to what these answers are.
  18. So what existed before earth? Milky Way? Etc.Was it just God, or were the Angels around then too? Did they just reside in Heaven. What did they do? Where did they come from. How did God become God? Sorry if this is not the right thread, but SA's post made me think of these questions.
  19. Did you lose a drinking game or something?
  20. Thats pretty subjective. I think we have some raw data that proves otherwise.
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