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  1. Yup, just got it. I think I responded, but not 100% it went through. Let me know if you didn't get it.
  2. You could have just not ever posted that word, then my curiosity would have never made me do what you told me not do.
  3. lolI had typed out sweatshirt then I thought, maybe that should be two words. So I tabbed over, and I must have tabbed before the h and then added an s.
  4. I went a few weeks back. It was awful. It was in the late afternoon. The fat slobs walking around and moms with whiny kids were too much to handle. I went quickly to two stores to get a pair of jeans and a sweats shirt and got the hell out of there. I could feel all the unemployment checks being spent and it gave me the shudders.
  5. http://www.vcstar.com/news/2011/sep/27/no-...stie-at-reagan/Not sure what to think here. On the radio there were reports that his talks w. Bush, Kissinger and Nancy Regan made him reconsider. In addition, Barbara Bush called his wife, and now his wife has given the OK. Apparently before she had put the kaibosh on any campaign.He still said no, but not emphatically??If he doesn't run, I think the only person I could vote for right now is Cain. But I need to read up more on him.
  6. I usually want to stab everyone when I am in a mall, so I don't think I can answer this properly.
  7. I almost never drive in the right lane on the freeways around me. That is where truckers drive. One of two things happens, I have to move to my left ever minute or so to pass them then move back, or the freeway is so messed up in the right lane that I am getting beat to hell so I move over to the left lane.
  8. Same. There are a few things that I think will make it interesting So I will keep watching, but unless they make the above interesting, or really delve deep into some cool stuff with this other time, then I am not sure if I can make it through the first season.
  9. I have no idea who is in that picture, but the dude is obviously gay. You get the chance to sign a chicks chest, you use the left hand to stabilize the right boob, then you firmly plant your right hand on the left crest of the left boob, while signing and working your thumb slightly under the bra towards the nipple.This is pretty much common knowledge.
  10. I had JR bacon and it came with the works for .99. It was really good, tasted closer to a 5 guys burger than any thing else.
  11. LOL - too bad almost nobody will read this
  12. I was able to add it to the DVR a few weeks ago. Didn't see if it recorded. Did you watch it? Any good?
  13. http://www.ataktrucking.com/materials-calc...dirt-calculator
  14. I went all Beans and shit over the weekend. I moved about 40 yards of dirt with a big Kubota tractor. I had never learned how to use my dads tractors when I was younger, for fear of having to use the tractors. He dropped one off so I could move some fill dirt down to my neighbors house. The neighbor knew how to drive the tractor, so he was going to do it. Well he was only available for a couple hours, so I jumped up on that son of a bitch and learned in about 15 minutes and probably drive the thing better than my dad now. Unfortunately, it was not an automatic, so the clutch pretty much destro
  15. Well it's actually funnier than that brv:First that black dude is Patrice O'neal and he is hilarious.Secondly, here is a list of priors albums: 1968 - Richard Pryor (Dove/Reprise) 1971 - Craps (After Hours) (Laff Records, reissued 1993 by Loose Cannon/Island) 1974 - That ******'s Crazy, (Partee/Stax, reissued 1975 by Reprise) 1975 - ...Is It Something I Said?, (Reprise, reissued 1991 on CD by Warner Archives) 1976 - Bicentennial ******, (Reprise) 1976 - L.A. Jail, (Tiger Lily) 1977 - Are You Serious ???, (Laff) 1977 - Who Me? I'm Not Him, (Laff) 1978 - Black Ben The
  16. Looks like you just solidified scrams vote.
  17. How do you feel about Japanese judges?
  18. Sold at 42 rebought at 29 and change.
  19. Here I'll give mine, then we'll see how close MK is, if he answers.1)progressive income taxI think all the brackets should stay the say, and we should add a bracket for either about 500K or 1MM at the old 39.6% rate. I would need to see how many filer fall between those two.I would also look at modifying for good, the AMT. But if it were done correctly, Buffet would never pay 17.1% effective rate. It should not, however, include municipal bond interest. If people like ross perot, want to derive the majority of their income from muni's I don't see anything wrong with that because it provides an
  20. I'm really really surprised they were allowed to show that. I actually had blocked that out.
  21. "something, something something GOD, something something something Global Warming, something something Lefties, something, something."- Balloonguy
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