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  1. You have a couple in Des Moines. I already checked. They get shipments on Tuesdays of overstock and outdated items. Think of it as an in person overstock.com
  2. I would go to a Tuesday Morning store. My wife has got some smoking deals there. I think she got our last comforter for $40 when it retailed for almost $300.
  3. I think the answer SAM is looking for is Zombie Apocalypse.Oh, wait, that is the answer Shake is looking for.
  4. I will only listed to VB in regards to what depression actually is.
  5. My team is finally looking good and now this lockout threatens their growth and possibly the arena deal (it should be a huge factor). I have barely watched the NBA for the last 3 years because they have been so bad it actually was miserable to watch. I was a die hard fan in the 90's and early 2000's. Hardly missed a game on TV. Obv life with a family changes that a lot. But even when they sucked in the 90's, they have fun teams that were always on the verge. The last 3 years (minus part of last season) they were miserable to watch. I would have rather watched littler girls basketball, because
  6. I would probably build one, and use either Mahogany or Hickory with a marble inlay on the lion's claw footing, with gold leaf on the nails.Also, when you buy sheets, make sure you stuff your hand inside the bag rub your hand up in there pretty good like you are fiisting a giant vagina, but with an open palm. Thread count is important, but it can be misleading. You need to look at ply and thread thickness as well. But I always just do a good rubbing to see if they feel good or not.
  7. It's how he relates to the single mom's.
  8. Sucker punch to getting trampled while in fetal position. Sounds pretty standard.
  9. This is where my pussiness comes into play. I have always been afraid of the legal ramifications.Also, this may sound funny, but I have also been afraid of really severely hurting someone. I have a very high snapping point. It takes A LOT to really set me off, probably only happened a few times in my life, and when I snap I gets really ugly. I am not sure if I got into a true fight I could stop myself (assuming I was winning the fight) from really putting someone in the hospital.I remember a decade or so ago, I got really upset with someone. They were ****ing with a friend of mine. It got to b
  10. Hey!Or do you mean real life crowd?
  11. I responded as I was closing up my office and read that wrong. Some how I was thinking what would I have done if this guy showed up high to this dinner and got belligerent. Re-reading, not sure how I got that.Ya, he comes at my wife calls her that, spits on her. He is eating teeth, and I am probably getting arrested. I guess more what I was trying to get at is, I probably would not have let it get to that. We would have been out of there before that happened. Also, these "friends" just lost someone. I am not sure if kicking this guys ass in front of his friends would be good for them or cause
  12. I want to hit people a lot. I just never do it. Apparently I have too much self control. Unless I am really drunk and with my best friend, then apparently I want to fight. Him, not randoms. I honestly, don't know why.
  13. I would have drug her out of there. I would have wanted to hit him.
  14. Shit, sorry. Had to take a call.http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/emeril-...ipe2/index.htmlHere is one, but I do it differently. Don't used duck, use chicken or pork shoulder.
  15. You like Jambalaya? Takes about 45 minutes to an hour.
  16. Well that is easy to make, what do you want? I'm sure I can whip up an easy recipe for you.
  17. These Rhodes scholars walked right by me today chanting "Burn down Wall Street." The smell pituli was wafting in the air. Here are some pics of them I got:Here is one of their signs:Here are the cops staging for a possible riot:Here are a few of them "resting" while still arguing non sense in front of me:
  18. Just think how much money Will Smith is going to make in the movie "Barack!"
  19. On a plane headin your way speedzy, I'm assuming your busy.
  20. What frightened me were all the comments that praised that little girl for singing Niki Minaj. Next thing you know, they'll be taking her to a Katie Perry concert. expensive - not really, couple hundred for each onetime off - nah, you can study at night NP. Only one that requires a class is insurance.you are right that you do have to be sponsored by a company. Like, I literally cannot believe this. I know people over there at Baby Gap, and have a rough idea what you make. I really don't think that is possible. Unless the living expenses in Virginia are literally 1/10 of the rest of the country
  21. Ah, yes. Thought you were talking about something else.And why are you so worried that people know you work at Baby Gap?
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