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  1. Gotta add a 'maybe' selection for those of us who live in the gray area...
  2. Definatly one of the top tournament players out there today... imo
  3. What's the field size like for their monthly tournaments?
  4. GTA3 > GTA San Andreas > GTA Vice City
  5. Daniel Negreanu owns at defending himself...
  6. If it's going to be more of a cash-game type thing, then I'm going to give the edge to Negreanu's team. BUTI'm going to predict team 9 to win, which is made up of me and 7 clones.
  7. "the occupation of athletes who compete for pay"I dunno if I'd use the word 'sport'... it's just pokerThat's the only way you can put it.
  8. Pretty good table to be at with his stack.Let the comeback continue...
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