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  1. Typical a-lister move...start this awesome thread & then leave everyone hanging.
  2. http://instantrimshot.com/classic/?sound=rimshot
  3. At the time, my bankroll was about $6K. I don't play much anymore because I deal in this room now. It wasn't about scared money, I have no problem putting all my chips in when I need to.
  4. And who would have thought you could lead the league in scoring and miss the playoffs?
  5. If I don't make it it's my own fault...****ed up my lineup twice this year and cost myself two close ones. Could finish #1 in overall points and still miss the playoffs.
  6. gg...would you have benched Tolbert if Arian Nation was healthy?
  7. Live $1-$2 game...limited experience with both opponents. Hero MP $309Villain #1 Cutoff $102Villain #2 Button $500+Preflop: Two limpers from EP, Hero calls w 8d9d, Cutoff calls, Button calls, SB calls, BB checks. Pot $14.Flop Js-10c-3hSB bets $10, folds to Hero who calls $10, Cutoff calls, Button calls. Pot $54 ($47 after rake...yes, it is $5 + $2).Turn QsSB checks, Hero bets $32, Cutoff raises all-in to $90, Button calls $90, SB folds, Hero ???1. Thoughts on pre-flop and flop?2. Normally I would not be concerned about A-K showing up here, but the button had shown down A-K twice after lim
  8. In a survivor league, everyone picks one game each week...straight up, no spread. Win your game and you advance to the next week, lose and you are out. The catch is that you cannot pick the same team more than once during the season.
  9. 1) Def like fractional scoring...almost eliminates chance of a tie.2) I'm fine with either playoff scenario as long as Week 17 is not used.3) $300-$150-$50Rd 1, Pick 5 - Ray Rice (Bal-RB)Rd 2, Pick 16 - Michael Vick (Phi-QB)Rd 3, Pick 25 - Vincent Jackson (SD-WR)Rd 4, Pick 36 - Knowshon Moreno (Den-RB)Rd 5, Pick 45 - Jeremy Maclin (Phi-WR)Rd 6, Pick 56 - Felix Jones (Dal-RB)Rd 7, Pick 65 - Mario Manningham (NYG-WR)Rd 8, Pick 76 - Austin Collie (Ind-WR)Rd 9, Pick 85 - CJ Spiller (Buf-RB)Rd 10, Pick 96 - Jets D/STRd 11, Pick 105 - Jimmy Graham (NO-TE)Rd 12, Pick 116 - Matthew Stafford (Det-QB)Rd
  10. I wish I was pretending...not fun folding a $1K winner.
  11. I tanked for 3-4 minutes...swallowed the vomit and folded. The board ran out AxJx...the short stack rolls over AQ and UTG mucks. He says he had AcKc, which I believe. I haven't played a ton of live 1-2 and this is the first time I have ever considered folding a set on the flop. Lots of different ways this could have played out...if I flat the $48 he makes TPTK + nut flush draw on the turn and who knows what happens there. Or if I bet $25 instead of $20, I can't re-raise the flop.
  12. Not sure if 87s is in his range, but he did open w KQs either UTG or UTG +1 earlier. I should also mention that I did snap off a bluff against him last week w/ TPTK.
  13. Live 1-2 game @ local dog track...I have played against both opponents several times. Both are tricky players and better than average. Villain #1 UTG $600Hero MP $460Villain #2 Cutoff $58UTG raises to $10, Hero calls w 7s7d, Cutoff calls. Pot $33Flop Qd8c7cUTG checks, Hero bets $20, Cutoff raises all-in to $48, UTG calls, Hero raises to $120 total, UTG raises All-In, Hero ?????1. Thoughts on leading out vs. checking2. Flat the $48 or re-raise?3. As played, can we find a fold here?
  14. DN doubles up during hand for hand...AQ > A10162K
  15. Lon seems to be struggling without the safety net of multiple takes...
  16. I would agree if it was a cash game, but IMO during a tourney all players have an obligation to speak up if you think an error has been made to protect the entire field. Not saying that Daniel was right or wrong, but he definitely has a right to state his opinion.
  17. Nice score...is chopping allowed/talked about in these? Just curious.
  18. Don't sell yourself short Rose....that does not even crack your top 10.
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