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  1. What was with Walker getting a silent clock? She's not dead (yet) and she's not an important enough character to get a silent clock
  2. Since there are only 2 more seasons for sure, and they know how many episodes per season, I actually think that they have a great idea of where the show is going so hopefully we won't get too many more new questions, but a lot of answers.
  3. I've seen a bunch of movies since last time I've posted: Deep Impact (actually, I may have posted this), Scarface, the Godfather, Righteous Kill, Gran Torino, and Death Race. I really want to see Paul Blart (Kevin James is the shi.t), Defiance, and Notorious.
  4. I've seen very few Clint Eastwood movies, but I have to say that this movie was amazing. I loved it and I can't see any other actor being in it. The one liners were fantastic and I loved one way a critic described it-as an action movie but the action was in the dialogue. I can't wait to see it again.
  5. I 100% disagree with you that Tony is the worst character. He pretty much is what 24 is about. He started out as a bad guy because he would try to go behind Jack's back to get him in trouble. Then he saved Terry and became Jack's go to guy. Then he had to deside between saving many innocent lives or the life of one person he loved. Then he comes back from his life being fuked up to save Jack's life when Jack called, "The only man I can trust." Then he turns bad after his wife is killed and now he is back to a good guy. He is an amazing character and I love the way he walks. It's his own swagge
  6. Valkyrie. I haven't been on the forums the last week so I haven't read anybody's opinions but what did people think of it?I wouldn't say it was great, but it defintely as bad as everybody makes it seem.
  7. I read about this and Shia as Robin and the odds of this happening are about as good as me saying that Jack Bauer sucks. It's just not going to happen.
  8. I bet you are all going to be shocked by me saying this but, JOSH CRIBBS.Not only is he one of the leagues best kick returner, punt returner, and special teams tackler, but he is also a QB, WR, and HB. AND, the Browns punter is hurt and might not play on Sunday and Josh will be the backup because he's the third string punter.So this year, Cribbs might play kick returner, punt returner, special teams tackler, QB, WR, HB, and punter. Talk about a utility man that deserves to be in Hawaii. Even you people who hate me cannot deny that Josh is an outstanding football player that deserves to be in H
  9. It was good but I could have seen it with different actors.
  10. Bad Santa-it was hilarious. Billy Bob was perfect for the role.
  11. Great movie. Scottt, Rudd, and the little black dude were hilarious.
  12. Die Hard with a Vengeance-it was very good. It was action packed enough and it kind of felt like 24.
  13. Cavs are sick. Congrats to Z and 'Bron.
  14. Very funny. Did they actually say jizz during the episoe? Because with dick in a box they bleeped out dick.
  15. Are you trying to tell me that if the Browns had hester instead of JC they would have a different record? I meant that he got out past the 30 every time. And I know I mentioned all of Josh's positions and normally I tell people that his "debate" is only for kick returns, but so what about Hester leading his team in receptions. So they are two different players being compared to Josh's position and not Devin's. I think Josh was at WR for 3 plays and was never thrown to. I don't think Dorsey would have found Hester either if he was on da Browns.
  16. First of all, they are going to win 79 games this year, not 60. And when they beat the Celts in the ECF and the Lakers in the finals, I will still tink LBJ is da man.
  17. Josh is sick. Who watched the Browns today? The only time they did well offensively was with him at QB. And he had a 31 yard rush and a 44 yard pass to Braylon that both got called back (fuk Romeo for not challenging that. He's the stupidest person in sports history)...and his kick returns were all for over 30 yards.Comparing JC to Hester is like comparing Ivey to Jamie Gold. Sure Gold has made more money but Ivey is better.
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