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  1. Yeah, my buddy wasnt lying. He said that at another weekly game him and the gun guy play, the gun guy went outside and actually shot into the air after a bad beat. It was out in the boonies (country) so it didnt harm anyone... but still... Id love for him to come back and donate, just without the gun.
  2. I was just reading the thread about the guy that got punched. Id love to hear some stories of strange behavior. Just last Saturday a friend of mine brought a friend of his to my regular home game. He was already pretty drunk and started drinking right away. We were playing 1/2NL and he bought in for a $100. The first hand he goes broke after a raise/reraise/call preflop, he called a $30 bet on the flop with 10 high, then called an all in after getting a gutshot straight draw, he missed the river and the table just looked at eachother like WHAT THE **** JUST HAPPENED? So now EVERYONE wants to g
  3. Disclaimer: Yes I am a huge Dave fan and do wear both Khaki shorts and tshirts.
  4. Look at this big - eyed fish swimming in the sea ohHow it dreams to be a bird swoop and diving through the breezeSo one day caught a big old wave up on to the beachNow he’s dead you see beneath the sea is where a fish should beSounds like Gold at the HSP table.
  5. Your sitting there knowing that the ONLY hand that someone could have that would have me beat is AA and its been shown that 4 people in the last 30 mins were dealt em and it would have to be the case A on this paticular flop.... doesnt it seem unlikely that hed have it?
  6. I guess you missed everything I said about knowing 100% what possible hands he could have. There is no way he reraises me preflop with 88 or 33 or A3 or A8. The only hand he could truly have that beat me was AA and I just thought that was HIGHLY unlikely.
  7. How can you put him on AA? 5 times in 30 mins someone is dealt AA and he happens to make a set with the case A on the flop? `
  8. Ill set up the tourny thus far:$150 buy in friendly game with the regulars. Two tables, 16 people total. Starting chips stacks of $5k with the blinds starting at 25/25 with 20 min levels. Only 15 mins into the first level, we have had pocket aces 3 times, using two different decks. Levels now at 25/50, Ive got 4500 and it is folded around to the button who limps. I have AK of spades in the SB and make it 200. The big blind, I have only played with this person a few times, pretty solid player, makes it 400 to go. The button calls, I have played with her for years I know shes got 66-1010. I just
  9. Jim Gaffigan is without a doubt the best stand up comedian to arrive in the last couple years.
  10. It wasnt being taped, it was just roped so people couldnt get closer then like 5 feet. This kid was tall as ****, probably like 6 5ish. They were only playing 6 handed to. It just surprised me that Mike said no.
  11. So I was in AC this weekend to play some cash and check out the WPT. Great weekend overall, up $1800 playin cash. I went to Borgata to check out the WPT and some of the pros whod been eliminated were in the high stakes area playing cash. Matusow, Singer, Williams, and a couple unknown players had a roped off table playing what looked to be 100-200NL. A young guy in maybe his mid 20's walked up to the rope and said "hey Mike how about I get in the game?" Mike said "what are you, one of those internet kids that busts me all day." The young guy said "yeah actually" while laughing. Mike asked him
  12. I got the headphones on dont worry, I do have the humongo Phil Ivey addition Bose ones on though so you were loud as **** in my ear.I just wanted some type of general idea of what it was, and that I got.
  13. Thanks now I can stop spending all night on google. You might as well just kicked me in the balls with that answer.
  14. This is not really helping my curiosity of 'M' at 3AM in the morning.
  15. Apparently M is a poker/game theory that Harrington introduced to poker in one of his books.Ive just recently heard Dutch Boyd and Venessa Russo say things like "My M is 17"WTF is it?
  16. ahhh, that makes sense. So player A bets 800 and B moves all in for 1200. Player C calls and its folded back to player A who can now ONLY call? That I understand.
  17. I just realized that I made a mistake in the original post. In situation one the blinds are 100 200 and player A raises to 800 and player B moves all in for 1200. Basically not completing a raise.
  18. First post, hello everyone. Quick question... Ive had quite a few different answers on this topic.Two situations:Blinds are 100 - 200 and player A raises to 800. Player B moves all in for 1200 total. What can everyone else last to act do? Can they only call? Can they reraise? If so, what can everyone else do after that?Situation 2:Blinds are 500 - 1000 and under the gun moves in for 1200 total. Do remaining players call the 1200? Do they have to raise?Ive been playing cards for about three years. I only make it out to Atlantic City about twice a year so most of my poker is done in home games a
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