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  1. I run two games a week. Monday night is a 1-2 with average buy in of about $150. Some really solid players and some complete donks. Half and Half Id say. Then Wed night is a 2-5 with more donks then sharks. Theres also a 5-10 game with close to 100k on the table. Its not even poker, its a bunch of rich ass dudes gambling there ass off. And a 2-5-10-20 game (straddle and restraddle 90% of the hands.)
  2. I was at a home game that was robbed. Nothing to big happened. They walked in and only got about a third of the money. That was about two years ago.
  3. yes... i believe there will be a donkasurass joke now.
  4. gettin like 4.5 to 1 I cant see a flop on the button with an 85?
  5. Full Tilt Poker Game #3817477942: $10 + $1 Sit & Go (29073627), Table 1 - 25/50 - No Limit Hold'em - 21:45:41 ET - 2007/10/10Seat 1: jerksonville (1,340)Seat 2: Bigmac2325 (1,600)Seat 3: NikolaTesla2 (1,635)Seat 4: bellflog (1,395)Seat 5: leibo19 (1,395)Seat 6: biker-trash420 (2,115)Seat 7: Flopn Nutz (1,605)Seat 8: BankRollin (1,330)Seat 9: Coto Rick (1,085)BankRollin posts the small blind of 25Coto Rick posts the big blind of 50The button is in seat #7*** HOLE CARDS ***Dealt to Flopn Nutz [5d 8c]jerksonville foldsBigmac2325 calls 50NikolaTesla2 foldsbellflog foldsleibo19 calls 50biker-tr
  6. a bluff continuation bet can be easy to spot from most players. the guy that raises preflop and the flop comes 8 high and he takes a second and makes a pretty small bet... def two big cards that missed most of the time.
  7. friend of mine was in the bootcamp and thought the same about bernard.
  8. If neither of the players before him make a bet, he must remain all in. If he acted out of turn again, he should have to sit out for 10 mins.
  9. haha, my buddy actually fell in love with her that week so atleast someone wants her. They talked online every night for a few months... I keep tellin him he needs a little Annette in his life... cause he has no job.
  10. I dealt for the world poker showdown/ royal carribean cruise in April and she played. She is definitely a monster at the table.
  11. Sweet, I thought maybe they were just jerkin eachother off.
  12. So I was at Taj last night, Saturday night/Sunday morning, and I look over at the "high limit stud" area and see a roped off table with two guys playing $2500/$5000 holdem and stud with a million each. One asian guy in his 40's and a white guy around the same. Anyone know any details?
  13. I use to run a free poker league at a local bar and had a 300 pound homeless woman try to fight me cause I told her she lost when she showed 44 on a JJ882 board against a guy with A3.
  14. Ok, we all know that saying the phrase "I call your $100, and raise you $100 more." is a string bet. But why is it that EVERY movie and EVERY television show that airs a poker scene always has someone say this?Has it not always been that way? Was this betting style aloud back in the day?
  15. I really dont want to post my secret on the boards cause it may mess up my chances in the future for booking this....PM me and I will give you Atlantic Citys greatest secret.
  16. Well when I have added I have always made the money back. Ive never walked out of a game losing a full buy in. I may have added but never lost more then my original buy in. The games I play, like 4 different choices, are VERY honest. Ive never seen anything shaddy go down. There are a few 2/5 games and one 5/10 game but I have heard some pretty crazy things. One getting robbed, one with a "bad" deck, one that rakes uncalled bets, one that takes 10% up the size of the pot, ect. I am only going to play 2/5 from here on out in AC though. Have a room booked the end of July.
  17. I agree. I have yet to have a really bad run of cards. I know that it can happen and at some point probably will. The only thing I can say about never losing a buy in is that #1 I always buy in for the max IF someone else has, and #2 I add on if I get under $100 so it makes it hard for anyone at the table to be able to bust me. The only time I have been serverely out stacked is in AC but I there I play very tight and have run well.
  18. Its by no means a brag post. I want to know if $33 an hour in 1/2 game is average or above average play. Am I beating the game to its fullest? Is is possible with the rake to be making much more? Should I be playing 2/5? I dont see how anyone can look at a post about a 1/2 game and call it bragging. If anything I feel humbled that I play so low. I play atleast twice a week and have NEVER lost a buy in. I have always added on when Ive gotten low.
  19. Ive never dropped a buy in. Seems strange I know but its never happened. Ive cashed with only like $25-$50 but never been felted... in cash games anyway, of course Ive not cashed in tournaments.
  20. Ive been playing cards for about 3 years and have just started taking it serious in 2007. Ive kept up with a spread sheet of my profit and hours played. I live in VA so have nothing but home games. I play a 1/2NL cash game with a 10% to $5 rake as well as $1 from every pot to a high hand bonus and your expected to tip the dealer, play $60 to $100 MTT's and occationally make it to AC for cash games. The average buy in is about $150 but I buy in for $200-$300 every time. Im up $6,100 this year with a $33 an hour average and am profitable 72% of the time. I have NEVER gone broke in a session (lo
  21. I was dealing the World Poker Showdown Royal Caribbean cruise. I was dealing a 2-5NL game and raise to $25 preflop called. Flop is 789 of clubs. Raiser bets $50, caller makes it $150, other guy moves in for $1000, and gets called. Preflop raisers got top set of 9's and the other guys got second set of 8's. Hes drawing to only two out as you know...Turn is a club, river is a club... chop chop.
  22. I deal a couple home games in my area and make about $50 and hour. Its great.Just got a gig with the World Poker Showdown for the 22nd of this month to deal on their Royal Carribean cruise. Cant wait.
  23. definitely not unethical. if he was just playing crazy raising like a fool then he deserved it. The dude in my original post was making it $30 to go in a 1/2 game like every 3 hands.
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