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  1. GL today !!! I hope you're able to keep it up and FT this thing. :ts:club::4h Flopn Nutz, GL to you as well. 2 FCP'ers at the FT ?I do have a question for both of you, as well as Vlaxter. What do you guys think of the structure ? Obviously being a deepstack there's some ability to play your game and not have to double up asap, but are there any spots where the structure gets fast ? Can you play pick your spots early on and just try to chip up ? Any thoughts on the structure and the general play (aweful from what I gather) would be greatly appreciated. I think i'm gonna try to play the $500 Deep Stack next week and would appreciate and insight/advice. Thanks for your time guys and GL !!!Dan
    I loved this structure. Everything about this tournament has been top notch except for a few terrible dealers, that always tilts me for some reason.I noticed a lot of people chipping up early to around 60K and then chipping down back to around 30K and getting super frustrated because of it and spewing all the rest. It was blowing my mind how many times I saw this happen. The werent even realizing they were at or above average.
  2. Nothing to special happened for me day 1. I only had maybe 6 showdowns, was only all in one time, and only had one preflop showdown from a short stack SB all in that I called with AT from the BB. He had 22 and I saw an ace in the window... followed by a 2. Biggest pot I played was with AsQd on a Ad 4d 8d Kh Ks board. I checked the river and this kid insta shipped 25k into a 13k pot. I took about 4 minutes before calling a clock on myself. I was fishing for tells, he looked very uncomfortable and didnt want to say a word. I finally tried what I call the "Jamie Gold tell" where I pump faked a call and he went for the "instant flip over the winner" maneuver trying to tell me he was strong. Once he did that I knew I had enough info to call and he proudly announced "QUEEN HIGH!"That pot was pretty big not only for chips but confidence. Just got out of the hot tub to relax and get focused. Going to grab a bite and head to T33S3.

  3. Ive got $116K going into day two. Pretty happy overall with that. I believe it is around the average finishing stack for 1A. Drew table 4 so didnt have to move all day. My table was soft and almost everyone that got moved to it was just as bad so it was nice not moving. See you all at 2!! Good luck!!

  4. don't mean to be the know-it-all-douche but wasn't this obvious?surprising how many people didn't know that. :club:
    Im not retarded, I understand that there has to be some work done after the tournament was over. Just wanted to know if anyone knew exactly what was done, for nothing more than to satisfy my curiosity. Some great posts, thanks guys.
  5. So Ive noticed over the last couple years that Mike and Vince's commentators booth will flash in the background during some shots of the table. It seems pretty close considering how loud they may be talking and how quiet the set can get during action.Im watching a Borgata episode (with Gavin Griffin) and when Lee Watkinson was all in with 77 vs 88, Mike Sexton says "If he doesnt catch a walking stick he'll be walking out of here." As soon as he said it, Lee repeated him. I also remember seeing one of the Caribbean events where they showed a shot from distance of the table and it looked like the commentator booth was literally 5 feet away.How are the players not hearing them during action, but seem to hear them during parts of the night?

  6. I run a pretty successful home game once/twice a month. We average around 32 players. Each start with 5,000 chips 25 min levels and the blinds run:25/2525/5050/10010min break75/150100/200150/30010min break200/400300/600400/80010min break500/1000700/14001000/20001500/3000I used thetournamentdirector.com when I had my PC but I had to switch to Tournamenthero.com for my Mac.

  7. im gonna guess the 75% of home games were not raked.
    They actually were super raked lol. 10% to $5 plus $2 for high hand bonus which I rarely won because of stupid "river card must show" rules and $1 for a bad beat jackpot that I also never won.
  8. i think $25 just reeks of a strong hand, i understand what you were going for here (him shoving when he sees the tiny bet) and for this particular opponent that may have been the best move. But in general i would discourage betting less on the river than the turn, a thinking opponent will know what you are up to and will either just fold or flat you.
    Oh I agree 100% here. This particular game is unbelievably soft. Its a charity cash game in the ghetto. 99% of the players have NO idea whats going on.At a tougher game, I play the QQ differently.
  9. dont limp a pocket pair UTG against stations, you should be raising here to balance your range. also what is up with the QQ hand where you bet $25 on the river after betting $40 on the turn??
    I thought $25 was the perfect river bet. 9T was the number one hand I was considering and didnt think he would call anything more. Keep in mind that he only had $75 left. Anything more than $25 I dont think is getting called.
  10. The game is $1-$2NL charity poker 9 handed. Background on villian: About 10 hands prior I raised with QQ to $15. He calls after limping from MP. Flop is T88 he check calls $25 on the flop. Turn is a J and he check calls $40. River is a 2 and he checks, I bet $25 putting him on 9T or QJ and think ill get paid off against both hands. He moves all in for $50 more and I call, he shows 9T. At this point I dont put him on being a very strong player. I thinks its obvious that hes beat and that Im not folding for $50 more. From this point on, Im looking to get into pots with this guy.Anyway, so here is the hand in question: I limp UTG with 66 and he checks the BB. Flop is K77. Check check. The turn is a 5 and he checks, I bet $10 just hoping to take it down and he calls. The river is a 6... he bets $10 and I make it $30. He then makes it $50 more.I ask how much he has left, about $130, and I put him all in. He calls and shows 75. Should I have folded, called, or moved in? I cant imagine ever folding here. I dont think calling is right because I feel Im getting paid off every time against 89, 34, 84, and every 7.Thoughts?

  11. What do you guys think of this game I played last week:1-3NL home game played once a week. Host provides a steak dinner, sodas, water, red bull, beer, liquor, and snacks. Has a huge 11 person table with a great dealer. Big hidef TV and plenty of room. Average buy in $250-$300 and the host allows regular players to borrow if needed. They take 10% to $6. Good game?

  12. There is def some back story I forgot to mention.Player D is a nice guy as wel and likes to play for the fun of the game, not to make money. He thinks the world of player B... he also thinks that player C is a bit of a scumbag, so thats why player D flipped out even though he wasnt actually involved.

  13. So we have a weekly home game that has always been low key. Everyone is pretty tight and usually gets along ok. So last week we are playing 1/2 and an interesting hand happens. Player A moves all in UTG for $25 bucks blind. Player B, the homeowner and nicest guy you will ever meet, calls. Player C also calls from the BB.Flop is 10 7 2 and player B bets $25. Player C, who is very loose and pretty terrible, moves all in for $200 more.Now the story with these two is that they are pretty good friends. As I said earlier player B is the home owner and is the absolute nicest guy in the world. Hes very wealthy and only plays 1/2 because thats what his friends like to play. He just wants to win, he could care less about the pot sizes. Player C is a donkey who thinks he can beat Phil Ivey every day of the week and twice on sunday.So anyway. After player C moved all in, player B askes him "I got top pair top kicker, what should I do." Player B immediatly answers, "if you got top pair top kicker.... youre beat." Looking him striaght in the eyes. So being the nice guy that he is, player B says OK I believe you, and lays it down.Player C then goes to muck but the dealer reminds him that player A is all in and he needs to show a winning hand to rake the main pot. He flips over A 7!!Another player at the table, player D, gets HIGHLY offended that he striaght up lied right to his 'friends' face. Player D is so mad he gets up and starts yelling and flipping out ready to throw blows. I have to jump in and hold him back from knocking him out. All this time player B is just kicking back letting the whole thing roll off his shoulders.So I ask you all... is what player C did a terrible, terrible thing to do to your friend, home owner, and over all take advantage of the nicest man that has ever lived?

  14. Third hand the player to my right makes it $250 to go. I look at KK and make it $900. He calls and the flop comes 7 high. He checks and I bet $1200. He calls and the turn brings an 8. At this point I have put him on QQ 100% and want to get as much value as I can on the turn and river. I dont know if he can call an all in on the turn so I bet $1500. He calls and now Im certain he will call an all in on the river. River is another 7 and he checked, I move in, and he goes into the tank. He mucks and says he had KK... WHAT!? He leaves himself with 1500 and mucks basically the second nuts?[/lol, 2nd nuts?(yeah i know i overdid it wit the highlighting, the underlining, etc. )good read tho, n1
    You know what I mean. Theres no way either of have anything in this hand but AA KK QQ JJ or TT.
  15. So me and a few friends went up to AC this weekend for the WSOP events. I planned to play the $340 event Friday and then again on Monday. Got there at about 6PM Thursday night to register for Fridays event. Got that taken care of and was deciding whether to play cash or go to sleep. It was wayyyyyy to early for sleep so decided to play at the Trop since thats where we were staying. I only brought about a grand to play cash so I decided to play 1/2. There was no wait so I figured Id spy on some tables and see if I could find one with some lunatics. Immediately I see a guy blind bet for $50 under the gun so I jumped on this table as fast as I could. Not only did I have the same guy calling big flop, turn, and river bets with A high but there was another guy calling big flop, turn, river bets with J high! Yummy, this is gonna be fun...I played a total of 4 hands to the flop and this is how they went.... 46 from the BB with a 664 flop..... 35 from the SB with a k33 flop.... Ac8c on an Ah9c2c flop and all in preflop with KK.... Did not win a single pot the entire session. Lost $400 between these 4 hands so decided to go to sleep for Fridays event. Got to the room and COULD NOT sleep to save my life. I kept thinking about these two guys giving there money away. I sucked it up and got dressed and went back down. Second hand I get QQ and make it $15. Lunatic calls me. Flop is 833 and I bet $40. Lanatic makes it $100 to go. Can this be happening again!?! Did he really flop 8's full? I move in, he calls and shows 89off.... thank you jesus! End up getting all of my $400 back.... went to the room and slept like a baby.Wake up Friday morning very pumped for the event. I have played WPT events but never a WSOP. Im not to excited about the structure or the expected 1,000+ entries but I figured if I can get some chips early I have a good chance. I would condiser myself a pretty good tournament player. Definitely in the top 10% of this particular field. Third hand the player to my right makes it $250 to go. I look at KK and make it $900. He calls and the flop comes 7 high. He checks and I bet $1200. He calls and the turn brings an 8. At this point I have put him on QQ 100% and want to get as much value as I can on the turn and river. I dont know if he can call an all in on the turn so I bet $1500. He calls and now Im certain he will call an all in on the river. River is another 7 and he checked, I move in, and he goes into the tank. He mucks and says he had KK... WHAT!? He leaves himself with 1500 and mucks basically the second nuts? Dont know if it was true but he put me on AA... glad not to chop that pot! Second level I get AA on an all club flop with the A of clubs for a decent pot and flop 4's full against JJ for another good one. From there on I was able to actually put some play into use. The starting stacks are so small that there wasnt much play early on... just sticking it in with the best of it. I honestly was card dead most of the tournament. Only had AK twice, KK twice, AA once and maybe 4 pocket pairs. So I am able to steal enough chips to get in the top 20% in chips. Im leader at every table I get moved to. We make into the money of 99 players around 10PM. At this point I cannot make a hand to save my life! Not even hands I can bluff with. I had two kamikazees in the blind when I was on the button so I didnt want to make plays against em. I finally wake up with TT and Chris Reslock takes a bunch of my chips with AJ. Then I get moved to Steve Dannenmans table! Wow is he a funny ****in dude. Hes chuggin tequila like water. I fold for the next 3 hours not getting a single playable hand. I lose basically 60% of my stack in blinds and antes in 3 hours. We play till 2AM and call it quits for the night. Play resumes the next day at 2PM. I start the day with $49,000 with blinds at 4,000 8,000 1,000 ante. I am able to double up quickly with AK against AJ but again... get NOTHING for two hoursI end up getting blinded to the point that Im sitting in the big blind with only 2.5 big blinds left. Button moves me in and I call with 9To. He has J8 and the flop brings me 3 more outs, gut shot and any pair, but I miss and J high wins. I busted out in 20th place for $1600. I was very sad, this is the deepest Ive ever gone in this type of field live so I was happy about that, but to think that I was 10 players from a WSOP final table and 19 players way from $75,000 was very depressing to have to walk away from. Anyway, thanks for reading. Oh, and just decided to head home Sunday. I was beat and didnt want to play todays event with no sleep.

  16. I had a laptop that had the tournament director but lost it in a break up, bitch.... my buddy has a room just for poker with two tv's and we want a DVD program we can put on the tvs. I remember seeing a commercial a long time ago about a DVD director but cant find it anywhere.

  17. I got a pretty good one. Local cash game two nights a week. WAYYYY over my bank roll but had to join one night. Its a 5-10 game with a bunch of rich ass resturant owners. No max straddle from any position so it usually plays 5-10-20-50. Standard raise preflop is 100-150 and is easily called 3 or 4 ways. By 2 or 3 in the morning there is 100k on the table. Saw a 56k pot one night. Its insane.

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