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  1. I am excited that in about two weeks I get to start the summer of George Elias
  2. We'll see. I wouldn't be suprised.
  3. It's hard to say really, people have asked me taht a lot and it's hard to put in words. I didn't enjoy being with ehr as much as I used to, and we were both getting lazy and being selfish. That and I was starting to have feelings for another girl, so I began to think that she wasn't the girl for me, that's about as best as I can describe why. I think it's a mistake because I didn't appreciate her while I was iwth her, and took her for granted which caused our problems, fights etc. I still love her, so that's why I'd like to get back with her. She won't get back together with me for a couple ra
  4. LOL, that kick to the nuts that Kings in the Hole took from Sam HArd 8 just keeps getting more and more painful.
  5. I've only been in one accident. It was late and I was tired and very new to driving. I had to make a left turn, and there was a green light, but no green arrow. The oncoming lane that I had to cross what sort of at the top of a hill, and I was too stupid to stop and wait and look to see if a car was coming. Instead, I just went out into the road and hit a woman on the side of her car. She had a big dent and some scratches, my car was completely unaffected. She was a major ***** and later accused me of leaving the scene of a crime.(We were in the middle of an intersection, it was a minor crash,
  6. Question: Kings in the Hole also finished 10-5, why are they not a part of the best record group?
  7. You seriously are no longer a part of the demented avengers? Wow smart plan by them kicking off a ridiculously strong player. Solid move going into the play offs
  8. Hey, do any of you guys play on Interpoker?
  9. If he's gonna jack off, I'm going to
  10. Elias

    First Post

    so...do you like......transformers?
  11. Elias

    First Post

    I'm in a transition phase from gimmick to regular. My first ones were good.
  12. very nice trip report. Good to see you are doing more with that FTP ME satellite than I did.
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