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  1. I'm guessing it was a 2-6 spread limit game.Still trying to figure out how this is a bad beat, though.Yes, was 2-6 spread limitHow is 2-3 offsuit beating a-j after a flop of a-q-10 not a bad beat? the guy put in 18$ on a flop of a-q-10 to beat a-j. Ok, maybe the flop attempt steal check raise isnt' to bad, but when the buddy 3-bets it to 18$ he is obviously @ least calling 6 & 6 on the turn/river.
  2. Playin a 20+2 tourny & a b&M casino, 3 people end up all-in, black 7's, black aces, black kingsflop comes 7-q-10 of diamondsturn ace of diamondsriver king of diamonds, 3 way split after 3 sets
  3. So I'm dealing @ where I work, (not sure if I should say where I work online, probably not) and a buddy of mine is playing, who also deals. he raises pre-flop playing 2-6, gets one caller. flop comes a-q-10. (caller was sb)sb: ChecksBud: bets 6sb: c/r to 12B: Reraise 18sb callsturn 2sb bets 6, b raises 12 sb callsriver 3 for a board a a-q-10-2-3sb bets, buddy just callssb calls out 2 pair & turns over 2-3 offsuit, and says "man you just cna't bluff this game can you"buddy had a-j, probably a little harder than I would've played it, but he was correct in reading the guy did not have an a
  4. I've seen aces vs. kings vs. kings, both kings got busted and I think I felt something warm hit my leg when the guy with aces saw the two hands he was up against
  5. The problem with giving people chips in play @ a table is A) it looks suspicious - like you could be trapping people for betsB) that can COST people money - just recently I saw a husband/wife sitting next to each other - he pulled over 20$ after he was almost broke - the very next hand he flopped bottom set vs. top 2 against the player to HIS left... well that just cost THAT player 20$. if the dealer had said no passing chips the guy either would've bought more chips with his own money or only had 16$ instead of 36. That guy got up and left after that hand. In a husband/wife situation if
  6. He never said "if I don't have top full house I am folding everytime"This was based on a tell. Not "I'm going to check/fold everytime I flop a full house"stop twisting it around. Against some people it's EASY to fold anything except the solid nuts. The highest limit I've played is only 10/20 but I could easily see 7's 10's q's out there with no raise - exactly for that reason "noone is going to fold why should I raise" again, neither I OR HIM agree with that - but that is a common thought. - (not saying I would be able to fold to one sb on that hand but I'm just saying it's not impossibl
  7. The krablar legacy is quite possibly the greatest thing ever.
  8. Yea Temp was quite possibly the most irritating player to ever witness on WPT - "what could you have what could you have what could you have" There's a difference between pro-talk and "I see pros talk so I like to talk" talk. and his *SIGH... there's a club.. I guess I'll bet half a million" that was probably the worst attempt at getting called ever. & That a-7 hand was marginal @ best - to call 1.2 million with a critical card exposed - if he thinks brenes has a bigger ace he has TWO outs - if he thinks he has a pair above 7's he has THREE even if he thinks it's an underpair I think
  9. You also said the above^^^^And also used the the word *nobody* as in lucky nobody had a 6.Souds like we were in a multi way pot doesn't it?That why I said I didnt think you read my original post.Actually it was multi-way seeing the flop. Now I know that's far-fetched, but that's what I meant. None of the two opponents stuck in to the end with a "6". Again, the flop folder COULD have had Q6, 64, A6s...etc. Same aweful array of hands that the guy who stuck in till the river could have had.You got very lucky to take that 23 BB pot. I'm just saying that I hope you realize you'll be on the un
  10. the macarena going off in someones head is NASTY? Wowee
  11. A poker debate could be set up between those that think JJ is the most cringeworthy and those who think QQ isI vote for QQQQ is more frustrating for me because I KNOW I'm USUALLY not 50/50 with anyone.. more like a-6 os or k-j... but yet it always comes :evil:
  12. yea I'm gonna steal the blinds from 1st out at the final table with just moderate chip stack :roll: witnessed another a-j devestation on jsp - buddy of mine raised a-q in mp after no limpers - bb calls - flop q-2-q, sb goes all-insb has a-jturn k river 10.
  13. not much to say - just rediculous how people think a-j is a good hand! two final tables on internet mtt - both lost with a-k to a-j.. one was still 7 handed - blinds at 400/800, made it 2000 first out with a-k of diamonds, gets back to bb, all-in, call - a-j offsuit - trip jacks with an ace taking me from 16,000 chip potential to 0. I don't understand what he thought someone would raise 2000 with first out that a-j was ahead of. :roll: bleh
  14. Well I did say I laid down TWO of my kings.. which is 33% of them.
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