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  1. Gonna be going to Turning Stone for a conference and am curious if anyone will be there =0....anyways ill post any interesting hands upon my return. peace
  2. always sure to bring a laugh dane =)
  3. pure excellence...you have given me wisdom for my next ticket payment
  4. Gooser

    Guitar Hero

    guitar hero rocks - i cant seem to beat crossroads on hard though =(...granted i havent tried in a solid 2 weeks but my friend is a monster and experts bark at the moon and all that --- guitar hero 2 will have some sweet multiplayer action
  5. party isnt going to "**** you around" - ive had big cashouts that take a while but always get there - chill out
  6. i know its a noobish question and flame on if you want but i just wanna know =0...i cancelled my neteller acct and for some reason pstars echekcs wont work
  7. hi, my question is fairly simple for the wise and knowledgable people of this forum: if i want to play real money on full tilt do i need to be 21? i have friends who arent 21 and play real money and i know people who have accounts and stick to play money on full tilt, but i know on the registration page it asks you to check a box "i am at least 21 years old" - whats the deal with this? i was going ot wait until may when i turn 21 to make a FTP account but with the recent closures i need some advice as to if ftp is a viable choice for me. thanks, alexps - it may go unnoticed for some low l
  8. ooh sounds interestnig - i dont think i can go though....but im gonna try and go up this weekend for a little action
  9. push is a little od in my opinion
  10. seriously shortstacked after some silly river 2pr and just doubled back up to 5k ... =/ hangin in there
  11. this post was more intended for people to discuss the current episode but thanks for the fyi
  12. just a thought that people may want to discuss the happenings in this weeks episode. =D.
  13. hey, this post is pretty straight up - just a chat about the party super monday. anyone in? holler about it. i randomly decided to play a qualifier last night and won it so this is my first of the "super" mtts. GL anyone whos in it
  14. easy call....and most casinos dont let their dealers play at their casinos. just a note. (aka poker dealers cant play poker but can play table games)
  15. looks good to me how you played both till your question. i probably push hand 1 on that turn or just call and see river if youre worried about a set and can then see if you make your flush - hand 2 to push it to 100
  16. whatd you do with the muffin bottoms?to op: good luck
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