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  1. shit this is so weird I think fulltilt is investigating my account or something then can anyone put the instructions to verify identity so I can cashout? This is not good!
  2. Is the official website www.fulltiltpoker.com down for anyone else? Thanks
  3. The rule is dumb but I understand you wanting to speed things up, but poker is also supposed to be fun
  4. Some people are actually winning players
  5. I wish Brian Townsend was back for this season, stupid producers
  6. You know you can get prescription medicine from your doctor for sweating right?
  7. In as BigNibbs, so far I havent had one playable hand, its funny this always happens to me in big tournaments
  8. ty I get this close and look what happens he pushes me in on threes 33>a10
  9. theres a reason why I dont play stars lol out!
  10. lol im half stacked guy cant fold j7 with a j high board and huge raise prelfop and continuation bet after continuation bet lol with my aq
  11. gl all thanks for the stakes, go red wings lol
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