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  1. Twice a year seems a bit excessive, especially for being so young.
  2. Why do you say that ? He seems to be playing and doing well just like he does very year at the wsop.
  3. I would be curious to the details of that deal, like how long of a contract Daniel would have had to sign to stay the face of the skin. Also the deal he got from stars could not have been for but a fraction of the quoted amount.
  4. 170mm seems really high. Was there a ton of traffic?
  5. GL man, win all that 10nl monies
  6. Should be a fun FT to watch. Going to be a pretty big sweat for all those that bet against Daniel and Ivey.
  7. The mark up is paying for the player's time and talent. You could put yourself into a WSOP tournament but you still have to invest your time. A small mark up of 1.09 seems like a pretty good deal for a player of the magnitude and not having to do anything yourself except give him money.
  8. i would definitely value bet. If raised I prolly call, just cant think of too many hands that beat you that does not c bet that board.
  9. Bet. Villain will check back almost all their hands with showdown value and when villain does bet they will usually never call a check raise
  10. http://andrewrobl.com/blog/2011/06/01/my-t...ps-non-payment/
  11. I think your line is fine.edit: it feels good to be able to post again, power crazy mod itt
  12. One thing I have learned the last year is not to bet against KingJames cause he always wins prop bets.... ALWAYS!!
  13. come stay with me for a weekend and we can go play live poker everyday and cuddle and stuff CONGRATS BRUI played this tournament yesterday it got 167 runners, we started with 7k in chips and 30 min blind levels. Structure was decent and the field was really soft. Started off ok but then lost a bunch of pots and was down to 1.8k at 100/200/25 but was able to jam a bunch and get my stack to 5k before I doubled TT>KQs. I hovered there for a few levels till I had about 8k at 300/600/50 when I jammed the CO over a limper with A3s and was nit rolled by 77 but the window was the Ad so that was
  14. MAX!!! you sir are super sexy!!also sick brag me being the first person in his list of shout outs
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