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  1. I know Balsillie says he plans on complying with Bettman’s wishes of not giving any expansion to Canada and keep the team in Pittsburg, but I feel like this guy has some shenanigans up his sleeve. I’m I too overly optimistic in expecting this club move to Quebec or Ontario and not get a new area in Pitt?
  2. 20 team H2h keeper league. Matt Cullen for Chuck Kabasew. Any thoughts on how this pans out?
  3. A thread with a link to another online poker board? Nothing there to make this claim legit.
  4. Cal with the new spread offense and a load of talent to go with it will shine and if the D can hold up then the PAC-10 is theres.
  5. Buckeye Hall of Fame Café, Varsity Club...Anyone who thinks PSU will win is completely out of their mind.
  6. Koy


    The move to Van City will make a world of difference for him because he can get away from all the South Florida distractions. I think he’ll be on point. The top line can only improve on last season and Kesler and the Sedin turds will have big years.
  7. It will all stop and start with Dipietro and they really need to start adding to some goaltending depth in the system. They have a lot of good F/D prospects coming up and the future will be bright if that as long as that dope Wang doesn’t screw it up.
  8. Matsow, Benyamine, Cunniham and Keller have been playing everyday lately. Gus, Ivey, Seidel, Chiu, Harmen occasionally...Saw Huck playing Razz and Dags with 100K in 100/200 Omaha . Seems to be the norm with the pros @ tthe site after the WSOP…nothing new.
  9. The only thing this thread proves is that a poker player is incapable of saying a statement without the word “sick” in it.
  10. The only reason for the pro sports comparison is due to the lawyer’s resume.
  11. This lawsuit brings new meaning to tort reform. I wish the suits at FT, PP, PS and the likes would step up and condemn the lawsuit because it can only hurt them as well.
  12. Sit in the morning if you can …the poker room is a zoo on weekends.
  13. Doyle’s cart was definitely sitting on 22 inch Dubs.
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