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  1. Yeah, I think the same... I ended up betting about pot which left me with under 1k left... he called and the jack fell... I bet my last 700 or so since i was committed since no heart but thinking i may have been burned...Oh well... Next time, Thanks,Jeff
  2. I had a question about my turn bet decision. The hand is as follows:Second Level in the Pokerstars daily 70k. (15-30)On the button (Seat 9) I get AsKd - 3015 stackMiddle/Late position (Seat 6) raises to $180 - 5160 stackI call and big blind callsPot - 555*** FLOP *** [Ah 9h 7d]Big blind checks and Seat 6 bets 180.I want to see if he has a flush draw so I raise to 500Big blind foldsSeat 6 calls.Pot - 1555*** TURN *** [Ah 9h 7d] [Jc]Seat 6 checks which confirms my "I have a flush draw and that didnt really help me"I have 2335 left... What should I have bet to get him to fold If my read is righ
  3. I have a quick question hopefully someone could help me with. I usually have cashed out with checks but for some reason pokerstars made me cash out to e-check this time. Don't know why, I think I still had a pending deposit or something. My question is: Does the E-Check cash out just go directly into your bank account? The verification e-mail said it will be deposited to my E-Check account. That is the same as my bank account right??? I know this may be a stupid question but I was just curious.Also, how long has it been taking people to cash out this way? It says 3-10 days. Has it been
  4. Anyone know how hoosier is doing?
  5. Hello, I need some help calculating some odds for a non-traditional home game. The game is called 31. Here are the rules:- Each player is dealt 3 cards- Game plays like a gin game where you go in turns either picking from the discard pile or the remaining un-dealt cards.- when you think you have the best hand you knock and everyone gets one last draw. The goal of the game is to get the as close to 31 as possible by adding up your same suited cards. Example Ad,Kd,Qd = 11+10+10 = 31 or Ad,Kd,Qq = 11+10+X = 21Fairly simple game but I want to know if my strategy is "statistically" justified.
  6. Chalk one up for one more professional "sport" changing the rules to make more money for the people that hold the event and "better" for TV... are you going to have norm and chad arguing with each other while they drink their cups clearly labeled with the sponsor's names... shit coke should get in on this one... or at least a beer better than the beast(sorry for the bad american idol reference). What do we gain from this? One, more bad players to make money off of... ok... well, thats one more person to complain that TV corrupted them and that internet gambling made it more accessible for th
  7. If you want to make the trip Oceans 11 in oceanside(san diego county on the other side of pendelton) has a 2-3 game with a 300 max and it is a pretty easy game... they also have 5-5 and 5-10 and I think the 5-5 is 1000 max and the 5-10 is uncapped. They also run some good limit games from 4-8 all the way up to 75-150. Doubt its worth the drive but worse comes to worse i guess. Most of the other san diego casinos have the same other than Harrahs... Also, the low limit game at palomar is a small buy in but they have higher games with no caps. Just a though.
  8. I would say southern california is most likely the best place to move for poker right now. The few major draw backs are that the cost of living is high, most of the games are strictly hold'em but that doesn't bother most people, and traffic. Southern California has many more perks that vegas does though. First, there are other things than the casinos around to occupy your time. This will help in times where you are in a slump and need to get away from the tables. Vegas... you are stuck and have some friends that say bad months are even more depressing because they are surrounded by only g
  9. i usually play 8-16/10-20 live and over the last year have averaged close to 2bb/hr so i was going to try the same limits online. I will be playing UB and full tilt as those are the only two sites i know how to get money on so... I was figuring anything positive was good(AKA... making money) but i didn't know how to tell if it would be more worth my time to play online or in a live game(and or make all of my stats into one per hour equivalent stat). Also, i have found that omaha 8 games are hard to find online/pretty donkish or uber hard so I dont know if il be playing that online. If i pl
  10. Like I said... I never really have tried to do online seriously, just the occasional attempt at the sunday million or satellites so I have never really kept track of online stats. So, for BB/100... what would be a good average for limit?
  11. By the way... for limit holdem and omaha 8... forgot to mention that.
  12. Sorry,This will sound like a very dumb question but I usually never play online poker and am slowly getting back into it so... I was wondering what a good average bb/hand ratio is? I usually play live games so I have been keeping track of it based on bb/hour and I was wondering if there is any benefit to keeping track of it per hand instead of hour online. I understand that you are dealt many more hands online in an hour than in a live cash game so... maybe it is a better gauge but I don't understand the true reasoning behind it. Thanks in advance.Jeff
  13. Any one planning on playing in the 500+40 on Saturday (the 9th)? I think thats the one I'm going to hit up.
  14. I e-mailed the venetian a while ago and they sent me this. I am planning on going there next weekend to play in one or two. With the long lines at the WSOP and the horror stories for the first week, i think i'm gunna stay clear of that."Jeff, This is the structure for all of the no limits the levels for the $1060 are one hour instead of 40 min. Thank you, Timothy MixPoker Tournament DirectorThe Venetian Hotel and Casino3355 Las Vegas Blvd.(702)414-7652 office(702)498-6179"Also attached was the blind structure in a PDF. THE VENETIANPoker RoomDEEP STACK IINo limit Hold’em$300+30 Buy-In12 PM
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