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  1. Great response, I think that will really clear the air.
  2. Hi Daniel,When did goodwin and vaswani find out that edog no longer gives strokes? Was he completely lying that it was that night?We all know Ivey is probably the best gambler in the world, and he knows how to get an edge--Did he mislead or misrepresent himself at all? I'm sure whatever was said by him is acceptable and not immoral for this type of wagering, as I am sure you are a better judge of that than anyone else besides a few people (who've you also gambled with)...I'm just curious if they are totally making up a false pretext to welch, or whether they arguably have a case.Thanks,Jay in
  3. I used to play occasionally with Cajelais in Montreal. His nickname is Eric "The Body" Cajelais because he is ripped. Even tho Phil is taller than an oak, The Body would rip him apart.BTW----Cajelais is on a sick run for the last 6 months or so. Just sick, filled with deep finishes and long stretches as chip leader in majors.
  4. I have a friend in australia and i call him, and he tells me what the sun looks like over there
  5. I vouch that marconius is in fact my friend (and a garbage poker player).He works at an amazing watch store his stepdad owns and they have a nuts collection of all these new and vintage watches in stock....Marco can give pretty good prices, if ur a collector u should email him. I haven't bought a watch because I tell time by the sun.
  6. Hi,A good friend of mine works at the highest-end watch store in Montreal, so I asked him to take a look at the pic. Here is his response:Marco says:Looks like a Jacob & Co. watchMarco says:its all blingMarco says:a lot of the big-shot rappers wear itMarco says:Jose Theodore has oneSo there you have it, it seems to be a Jacob & co. watch. If anybody has more questions about watches, dont ask me! But you can ask my boy marco at marco@swisswatches.ca or go to his store's site at www.swisswatches.caHope this helped.Jay
  7. Hi,I'm from montreal and play at a few underground clubs here. The scene had dried up about 2 years ago thanks to a bust, but it is back now and growing.We all hold out hope that sooner rather than later the casino adds hold em, but dont hold your breath. Several locals died doing this.There are many poker players in Montreal, and several who are very good and will be making a big impact soon. It is a scene that could be huge but the cops and robbers stymied it a bit.For poker Montreal is not ideal, but for a city it is second to none.You can send me a PM if you want to know more. (ive never g
  8. It takes A LOT to get me to post....I have been here since day 1 and my post count is very low. I dont come by as much anymore because my work has a firewall, but this post has awakened me.What's wrong with you? They are obviously typing mistakes, it happens when you're answering questions in a rapid fire way. Do you think he really thinks can't is spelled cnat?I see you have 1600 posts, and you joined a few weeks ago....is this correct? I hope I misread that.But seriously....what's wrong with you?Stop posting all the time and play some poker or something.LongdistanceFCP oldschool
  9. i won one of these also, but havent used it yet. I saw last sunday they had 488 people and gave away 27 spots. I saw a bit of the tourny right near the bubble and it seemed like if you had 30K in chips you were guaranteed a spot.Seems like a very good tourny.I've been debating about whether I should just do 4 160$ double shootouts. Im confident I'd be able to take down one of those....its a tough call cuz I really like the structure of this sunday one. Any suggestions?
  10. I was very happy when he said he was gonna dump...i didnt bother explaining that he could unregister. The first hand where he said it, he said he laid down trip jacks....i thought he had that, but i was kind of committed with my QQ. I was very happy to see him open-farell when he could have busted me.In his defence tho, if you unregister u get W$, which are apprently good only for registering in special events (WSOP, WPT, WCOOP).hes still a dummy tho.....somebody will transfer you a good amount for that seat id imagine.
  11. PokerStars Game #5147223388: Tournament #25346226, $3+$0 Hold'em No Limit - Level XVIII (10000/20000) - 2006/06/04 - 03:14:12 (ET)Table '25346226 8' 9-max Seat #9 is the buttonSeat 2: skierswimmer (162202 in chips) Seat 3: upncomin (177182 in chips) Seat 4: mymymy (263136 in chips) Seat 6: hmm ill call (111300 in chips) Seat 7: Coach Pete40 (65792 in chips) Seat 9: Flash_67 (323388 in chips) skierswimmer: posts the ante 1000upncomin: posts the ante 1000mymymy: posts the ante 1000hmm ill call: posts the ante 1000Coach Pete40: posts the ante 1000Flash_67: posts the ante 1000skierswimmer: posts s
  12. one time i made a final table and I was gonna post it....but somehow i couldn't figure out how to start a new topic (despite being here since day 2).so now i hijack.Im not so good at "surfing" the "information superhighway."
  13. im on a final table on stars, qualifier for the wsop 650, top 3 paid. I just lost a huge pot where I timed out making a decision (i was just about to call).tourny 25346226, im "hmm ill call"im short in chips.
  14. im out, kk vs qq vs a8, a8 takes it downbooooo
  15. im in and its slow. I had to restart pokerstars in the middle of the first hand, luckily some other poor sap had got disconnected and it used up his time bank.I ate a fortune cookie today that said "have fun tonight", I think thats good advice going into a tourny like this.gl me.
  16. i just got busted 1089th... all in with AA on a flop of 652 with 2 hearts against 10-10, villain's got the only heart.yaddayaddayadda, im out.
  17. if marco had reraised preflop with the AK, the hand woud have played much differently.Marco would bet out on the flop, villain reraises or folds most likely, marco pushes all-in, villain folds his weak holding.
  18. im out in 321st, 2nd pay levelMy first cashing in my third attempt...i got to start qualifying for this every week.
  19. Yes, she is very hot in a plasticky kind of way but I hate her.Why?2005 WSOP event #24, i won my way in and it is my first major.I am seated at a table and the only person I recognize is Liz lieu, but I wasn't sure if it was her cause I had only seen her briefly in a cardplayer vid.Second hand of the tourney, blinds 25-25, Liz is in the BB. I get KK in early-mid and raise it up. a couple of players muck and one player's cards slide a bit and one card's corner touches the corner of mine and the dealer takes the mucked cards and arranges them and moves on. The action is folded to Liz, and she st
  20. had 1800 in sb w AK, CO raises, i go allin. he calls w j8 and runner runners str8, finished 1204.....booooooo, rough tourny but i felt i really played well
  21. no, we are still waiting patienly for it
  22. flopped 2 pair against nut str8, back down to 1500, sigh
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