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  1. A lot of us poker players play both on line and home games. So i was just wondering if you guys keep two separate BR's for each? A live game BR for the home game and your on line BR.
  2. WASSUP FCP'ERS.LOOKING FOR SOME SUPPORT ON STARS. CURRENTLY 2ND IN CHIPS 149K, CHIPLEADER ON MY LEFT. (213K)THANKS YOU GUYS.'COME RAIL... jcashx36xpokerStars Game #5934898552: Tournament #29830252, $10+$1 Hold'em No Limit - Level XV (2000/4000) - 2006/08/16 - 00:12:51 (ET)Table '29830252 44' 9-max Seat #7 is the buttonSeat 1: raisemynuts (15830 in chips) Seat 2: denco2377 (21720 in chips) Seat 3: dbrady55 (31046 in chips) Seat 4: OmahaStudGuy (38306 in chips) Seat 7: jcashx36x (150022 in chips) Seat 8: lionking22 (200957 in chips) Seat 9: toddbrrws (15687 in chips)
  3. WASSUP FCP'ers...So here's the thing. I've been on a dry spell for quite some time now. I lost about $1300 in the last month. Today i start a new journey. First off I'm starting with $100, $50 on UB and Stars. I'm going to play $1 - $4 MTT on stars and .05/.10NL. I consider myself an average poker player that consistently wins at our livehome games, but I find it very hard to adjust to online poker. Does anyone out there know why its hard to adjust to this change?In a past WSOP event. A player goes all in on DN and DN asks do you playonline? Opp answers yes. DN in return, says OK i cal
  4. wassup fcp'ers, im going to try and start my BR strictly on freerolls. I know its going to take some time, but i'm willing to grind it out in the next month or two. So is there anyone out there that can tell which poker site offers the best FREEROLLS?thanks.
  6. Playing .05-.10 NLHIm on the button holding AK off. Action folds around to me. I make it .45 to go. SB folds BB re raises to 1.20. Flop comes A 9 4 with 2 clubs. BB raises $2.50. I just call. Turn brings an 8 he bets 5 and i put him all in for 9 more. He calls and the river brings a club, so if he was on a flush draw he hit. He turns over 72 of clubs. What a donkey! ---------------------------------------So i turn to you FCP community, is there any other way that i could of playedthis hand better? jcashx36x
  7. SNG on STARS21 Left jcashx36x in 8thTourney # 29319883, table 5any advice fellaz???
  8. SNG on STARS21 Left jcashx36x in 8thTourney # 29319883, table 5 any advice fellaz???
  9. Daniel Negreanu Cracks Aces & Eliminates John SachaNo Limit Hold'em Main EventAug 02, 2006 / 16:40:22 EDTOn a flop of 754, John Sacha pushed all in, and Daniel Negreanu called. The players showed:Daniel Negreanu 96John Sacha AAThe turn and river came 98, which gave Negreanu a straight, and eliminated Sacha. After the hand, Negreanu had over 100K in chips
  10. haha, DN ends up hittin the flush on the river w/diamonds.
  11. DN AHEAD OF THE PACK EARLY ON DAY 3 @ 40K. (3HRS. INTO TOURNY.)TAKE'M DOWN BRO!!!------------------------------------------------------Daniel Negreanu Wins a $21,100 PotThree players at Daniel Negreanu's table call $700 pre-flop. The flop comes AJ5. Negreanu bets $1,000 and gets one caller. He bets $3,000 on the turn (8) and is called. He bets $5,500 on the river (K) and is called. His opponent shows A-K while he shows 76.
  12. Blinds are at 800-1600. JJ in the SB. Folds around to me. I bump it up to 5k. BB and chipleader calls (38k) . Flop comes K, junk, junk. I have 13k left and first to act...... How do you guys play your JJ?
  13. STYLINHAWYN/BIGCHIPSHI has offered to take me under his belt! He's a great example of an awesome and successful on-line poker player. When introduced to the Texas Hold'em game nearly a year and a half ago by a long time child hood friend, he's been raking it in on the felt. While playing on multiple on-line poker sites such as UB, STARS, PP, and FTP. While cashing in big GTD. tourneys, he's been able to increase his bankroll to a nice and comfortable amount. So here I am jcashx36x. A not so successful poker player, alsothe long time friend of STYLINHAWYN/BIGCHIPSHI. He says to
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