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  1. Play a lot of poker. Learn from your mistakes and stick to what works. Best way to learn is from playing and picking up things as you go along...
  2. jcashx36x on both stars & tilt.GLAaloha, jc
  3. psu1118 10:42 pm(10:42:13 PM): gay(10:42:24 PM): meh at least 4 st8 fts nights(10:42:30 PM): made surprise for u on fcpjcash 10:43 pm(10:43:01 PM): lol i didnt ask for a threadpsu1118 10:43 pm(10:43:30 PM): yes u did(10:43:38 PM): also the 2nd post is where the present itjcash 10:43 pm(10:43:53 PM): i did? then why did u say i have a surprise for u on fcp if i didnt askpsu1118 10:44 pm(10:44:11 PM): cuz u thought it imo
  4. U gotta be fkn kidding me, Jerad in the hizzy. WELCOME THE FACK BACK. Hope all is well bro.....
  5. is this for just stars, or ftp too?
  6. This is actually a nice turnout, maybe the biggest?
  7. tanx for da rail guys. irritating fellah hu, couldn't close. 2nd.arrohha,jc
  8. my bad, confirmed. Wont happen again Chief
  9. im game. can i get in still? How much? I'll hit u guys up tomorrow about this. going out for the night, payce!
  10. shipped 50 & email to pokermanager@fullcontactpoker.com.Runnin solo from the islands...GL all you mainlanders!
  12. Howzit!I haven't posted here for about a year or so, I see a lot of familar names and a bunch of new people.Whats at stake..$2.75/12.5k gtd on stars. 5050 NSB applies. Feel free to update thread with your HH's. post your stars name/location for shipping purposes...
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