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  1. up to 50 each.I like...12estgeorgia -2 vs arkansasmaryland +10 vs w. virginiaiowa st +3.5 vs kansas statenorth carolina -2.5 vs georgia techohio st -30 vs ohiokent st +21 vs penn st130estvtech -20 vs eastern carolinaif i havent booked with you before, ship the amount you want booked to jcashx36x on either stars or ftp and consider it booked . if we have history you dont have to send first. just reply to this post and its booked.gla

  2. Dealt to jcashx36x [9c 9s]jcashx36x: raises 16000 to 32000ExConvict09: raises 189653 to 221653 and is all-inpedro323: folds JohnFR: folds BleedBlue33: folds jcashx36x: calls 189653*** FLOP *** [2s 5d 8c]*** TURN *** [2s 5d 8c] [9h]*** RIVER *** [2s 5d 8c 9h] [Qd]*** SHOW DOWN ***jcashx36x: shows [9c 9s] (three of a kind, Nines)ExConvict09: shows [Kd Ah] (high card Ace)jcashx36x collected 475306 from potExConvict09 finished the tournament in 11th place and received $962.50.*** SUMMARY ***1/101.3 mil @2kBB

  3. 55/100k got luckehDealt to jcashx36x [Qh As]BleedBlue33: folds jcashx36x: raises 12555 to 22555Kadirov: folds ExConvict09: folds misterdisco7: folds pedro323: folds Ueckk: folds JohnFR: folds iLLNuGWichee: calls 12555*** FLOP *** [Qc Ks 3s]iLLNuGWichee: checks jcashx36x: bets 30000iLLNuGWichee: raises 42000 to 72000jcashx36x: calls 42000*** TURN *** [Qc Ks 3s] [Qd]iLLNuGWichee: checks jcashx36x: bets 60000iLLNuGWichee: calls 60000*** RIVER *** [Qc Ks 3s Qd] [8c]iLLNuGWichee: checks jcashx36x: bets 140000iLLNuGWichee: calls 140000*** SHOW DOWN ***jcashx36x: shows [Qh As] (three of a kind, Queens)iLLNuGWichee: shows [Ah Ac] (two pair, Aces and Queens)jcashx36x collected 603110 from pot*** SUMMARY ***1/181 mil. @12kBB

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