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  1. great job man! Another big cash for the fcp community.Coach me plz?
  2. Should be fun to watch now that aba is in the game.
  3. I would never flat call the flop with top set there.
  4. I have been a doing really well in PLO for a while now but everything goes wrong when I sit at a O8B table. I feel I have a good understanding of omaha in general but my results haven't been that great in the split format. What are some common mistakes that even a good player might make when starting to play O8B? Common leaks? Biggest differences in the two games beside the obvious? BTW thankyou for doing this steve!Davis
  5. what type of prepaid or reload visa can I use when I sign up for epassporte? Do the gift to go or all access work through epassporte or would I need a different kind?I'm finally going to open one of these and I want to get it funded asap.
  6. anyone had any success recently with all access or gift to go on any of the sites in the past few days?
  7. I check here but I dunno what the right move is.
  8. I might be playing at majestic not sure yet
  9. Why dont they have sit n go sats for these?
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