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  1. Well first off I completely agree a turn bet is correct, I was just curious into hearing more explanation on your logic. The reason i said a call is correct if we believe he is bluffing is because a raise wins the same amount of money (he folds if he is bluffing) except it takes the added risk of being reraised with a hand that beats us. However, since our hand is so powerful that it is posible we will be reraised with a hand that we can still beat, maybe calling isn't correct if we put him on a bluff for the reason you pointed out, hiding information.In the actual hand, the moment that river
  2. Out of curiosity, why do you think him calling a turn bet elliminates the posibility of my opponent holding a set or a pair which becomes a 2 pair on the river? What range of hands is elliminated by a turn bet and call, other then a bluff. And if my opponent is bluffing, just callling is the right play, since he will fold to a raise.
  3. This was the 2nd hand of a $20+2, 256 player, heads up tournament. I'm not sure who won the first hand, but it doesn't really matter. At this point one of us has 1520 in chips, the other has 1480. So we'll just say 1500 each. The blinds are 10/20. I'm the button/small blind. Hero:9c 10h Hero calls $10, Villain checks. Pot now $40 Flop comes 8d Jc Qd Villain bets $60, Hero calls. Pot now $160 Turn comes 8d Jc Qd 4s Villain checks, Hero checks. Pot now $160 River comes 8d Jc Qd 4s 3d Villain bets $140. Pot is now $300.So what is your move here?
  4. This may be somewhere else out there on the forums, but what are people's top 5 NL Holdem Tournament Player both now and ever.Now:1 - Phil Ivey2 - Daniel Negranu3 - Chris Ferguson4 - John Juanda5 - Eric Lingren (by the way i feal like Eric Lingren is one of the most underated players in the world)Ever:1 - Stu Ungar2 - Phil Ivey3 - Jonny Chan4 - Daniel Negranu5 - Phil HellmuthIt's very hard limiting the list to only 5, but thats why 5 is all I want. P.S.Sorry Negranu for puting you behind Chan, it's a tough decision and first I wrote you down as 3rd, then convinced myself to change it.
  5. This is an interesting situation. Im fine with the preflop call with A10suited. I think i would have taken a stab at the pot on the flop after he checks, around $7, but I can also see me checking, which is completely fine. After he checked on the turn you should definately take a stab. I don't think you had to bet so much. For the most part a hand that folds to a $7 bet folds to a $14 bet. After you a raised you must call with 4-1 expressed pot odds and the nut flush draw along with a gutshot (and possibly an A or 10). I definately wouldn't reraise, he says he has a hand, if he does, reraising
  6. I'm folding, this is normal in the very low stakes games. People will call your raises with weak hands and they will hit flops. Just don't get too frustrated, eventually bad poker loses.
  7. Well if you're going to call with 88 and hope to get lucky, you can't fault the 5 6 for calling either. The hand shoudl have ended preflop.
  8. The key in this phase of the tournament is patience and aggression, just as RDog said. Stop limping with speculative hands (unless you have really really great pot odds) and raise your big hands. Play your big hands aggressively but don't be afraid to ditch the hand if things get to crazy. Watch for the players who are still plaing crazy poker and be ready to bust them once you get a hand.
  9. Completely agree, 66 should have been folded from the start, and Id fold it now too. For some reason people have this idea that they "know" they're going into a coin flip; you can't be sure, you may very well be dominated and even in a coin flip it is indeed only a coin flip. These are the types of situations that we like to avoid, thats why we fold 66.
  10. If he has spades then good thing im betting...oops, i misread my own reply!, so good point, but he isn't folded AsKs anyway, and i think he is a favorite with AsKs, but not positive
  11. Yes you should tighten up. Nice job and getting back in the game, now you're in early position and you've just moved in twice in a row. When you make these all-in moves you'r not looking to get called, and the chances of you getting called have now grown quite a bit. So go ahead and look at your other card. Anything under AJ is an instant fold in my eyes (even AJ I might fold in early position). If you have an AQ or better, let the chip fly!
  12. completely agree, folde the 55 if its not a rebuy, good players don't like coinflips, if you are better then your opponent, why risk your tournament on a coin flip? And I hate rebuys too...
  13. bad luck, thats poker, no fault for not folding
  14. I believe a reraise was necesary, but all-in? Something like $40 is a good number. Why do you want to risk your whole stack on a QQ? It's true a KK or AA would have almost certinaly reraised. But there are players out there who can't fold AK, and even though your a favorite, do you want all your chips in on that? If you do, then go ahead and move in. For the most part, people who fold to an all-in fold to a $40 reraise. If they have something like JJ or 10 10 and choose to call a reraise, then you're a big favorite, so good.
  15. I don't really like the huge turn bet, but i would make some sort of bet, probably around half the pot, if they keep showing resistance, i'll be put to a real test on the river.
  16. I definately don't fold, I thought your play was completely fine.
  17. I did not like the play at all. First off I could see me folding the hand preflop. The flop was fantastic for you, but you have no reason to believe you have the best posible hand. After the bet-call, you'r probably on a draw. I would easily just call. There is such a huge variety of hands that beat you that I don't even want to go into it. You may think you have 14 outs (9 diamonds, 2 eights, and 3 aces), but you may very well only have 11 (up against something like A10) or worse (a 10 10 leaves you at 9 outs, or what if one player had a 10 10 and the other had KdQd!). I would without a doubt
  18. Well lets see, your preflop play was obviously fine. Just as the other players said, that pot sized bet on the flop was troublesome. You are almost certainly still winning after the flop, so why try so hard to push him out and put yourself in a more difficult situation if he calls? Maybe a bet around $20 was better. However since we know he would have at least called, if not raised the $20 bet, the problem still remains as to what he has. A decent player would have folded AJ preflop but there are alot of players who keep playing it (AJ is WAY overated). Is it posible that he has KK? He probabl
  19. I strongly disagree with the all-in players. First of all, I disliked the initail 6x blind raise too but thats because getting action from 1 player isn't a bad thing and you don't need everybody to fold. However, if that was the standard at the table (and you said it was), then so far no problems. After the call, reraise, and call, I strongly believe all-in is a beginer move. How can you be getting reraised by something under JJ that isn't say AK, a coin flip. Now other players may like coin flips, but I sure don't. On top of that, the another player called your raise and another player called
  20. Of course, the way to avoid this is not play KQ to a raise, KQ is one of the most overated hand in poker. However, calling a miniraise on the button with small blinds in low stakes games, hoping to win a big pot, isn't always so bad. Although folding is my normal move, calling is reasonable. At that point, the bet on the flop was of course a fine bet. I also agree with the bet on the turn, although ur bet was offering great pot odds, I don't think it was too small and it still showed that you have a hand. The last thing you want to do is check and let him put you in a difficult spot with a big
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