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  1. "there's a lot of idoicy etc'' meanwhile u have 2 spelling errors in your first 2 sentences.2nd chuck didnt start off his fight career as a counterpuncher. he has only changed to this style within the past 2 years or so. silva has trouble with counterpuncher/aggressive style fighters. crocop was a perfect example.3rd, tito has been improving his standup greatly since the first time he fought chuck. his standup was much improved against griffin and he was fighting injured. it is also a given that tito will bring great cardio as many believe his cardio is tops in the business4th. tito has been blessed recently by an addition to his team. Matt Hammil. Matt is 100x the wrestler and takedown defender chuck is. He guards takedowns without using his hands. Tito has known he was getting the shot at chuck for months. He has had at least a good 5 months to practice takedowns against hammil. if he can take hammil down even 50% of the time that will equate into success in taking chuck down. as we have seen before chuck has problems when he is on the ground against good ground and pound guys. IMO tito vs chuck II to me is like AK vs QQ5th. Hell tito might even try to submit chuck now that he has had dean lister on his team for a while. it'd be crazy to think tito hasnt learned anything from dean in the submission game.
  2. ok now that i read the forum speak glossary i now understand the whole sw...i dont post on forums much to know the lingo..
  3. im just confused as to where the sw comes in..and bonner is a b- c+level fighter. he had the fight of his career the first time he fought griffin and that's it.
  4. no he just makes people go thru it..lol
  5. oh and medical report came in..The following are the medical suspensions for random fighters for damage suffered in their bouts at the October 14, 2006 UFC 64 "Unstoppable" event from the Mandalay Bay Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada.-Rich Franklin must clear a nasal fracture with an ENT Dr. or he can not fight until April 9, 2007.-Sean Sherk is suspended until November 14, 2006 due to a laceration and other injuries sustained in his full five-round Lightweight title bout.-Kuniyoshi Hironaka is suspended until December 14, 2006 for damage suffered in his full three-round bout.-Jon Fitch must clear a nasal fracture with an ENT Dr. or he cna not fight until April 9, 2007. However, he has a minimum suspension of no fighting until November 29, 2006.-Carmelo Marrero is suspended until November 29, 2006 for damage suffered in his full three-round bout.-Dan Lauzon is suspended until November 29, 2006 for damage suffered in his first round TKO loss.
  6. the only chance hughes would have is to take him down and gnp the hell outta him..which he can do..but he has a tendency to get in trouble when he's in the guard..anderson could easily sub him..if anyone from WW would move up to fight him i'd so very very much love to see bj penn vs anderson silva.
  7. yes kdawg agree the forums are a joke for the most part...the forums on theultimatefighter.tv are a great place actually. a very mature crowd..the knowledge might not be like top top fans..but it's a very mature forum which always helps. sherdog.com is the worst IMOyes i agree with u dean lister IMO stands the best shot to take silva down and submit him. Silva has great jujitsu..the black belt from the nog brothers speaks leagues about his ground game abilities. but dean lister is a whole different type of submission artist. if he can avoid getting rocked or caught in a clinch and manages to take silva down he can beat him.and yes actuary vitor is surging back as of late with 2 first minute ko's in his last 2 fights. he is fighting Dan Henderson on the pride card in november so we will truly find out which vitor it is. the can crusher, or the Phenom..I truly hope it's the phenom.
  8. im pretty sure i can say you heard it here first but tito will take the belt from chuck in december.
  9. no he definantly came into the fight with the wrong attitude. this was shown by the statement he made of i thought the clinch would be my sweet spot. to me that statement gives the impression he didnt do his homework on silva. WHO HAS DONE MUAY THAI HIS ENTIRE F*&%@(*# LIFE. there is no way the clinch was going to be rich's sweet spot. Rich is good on the ground. he should have taken the fight down to the ground after the first knee. and actually patrick cote might be able to last more then a few minutes with silva..he's got a great chin..*better then leben and franklin* and has great great striking. im just glad no1 on here has succumbed to the virus going around other forums that discuss MMA about anderson silva being an mma god now..people talking about putting him in there with chuck or tito..both would make silva eat his lunch.and rumor circulating is dana white has asked Mike bisping to move down to 185..*bisping was considering this anyway* IMO bisping could give silva trouble if he moves down and gets a title shot down the road.and j im not to sure about hughes beating silva...hughes would need to take silva down..no easy task. and even if he does hughes could get sub'd by silva from any position on the ground. silva has a black belt in BJJ from the nogeriua*sp* brothers. anyone that has accomplished that is superb on the ground.IMO silva has the belt until Franklin comes back better then before or he gets caught in a freak sub or flash ko'd...OR dan henderson from pride shows up..although henderson hasnt been to great lately..if vitor belfort can keep up the amazing streak of fight's he's having and truly has returned to his old form i would love to see him get in there with silva..i think that would be a war..
  10. rich came into the fight with the wrong attitude...i wonder what he will say now about trading hands with anyone @ 185..
  11. overall i thought the card was pretty weak..the kongo fight was a huge disappointment..dan lauzon fought a chitty fight..he can fight much better. Fisher looked off tonight as well.as for the main event/eventsnot really suprised with franklin losing. after such a long time with no fighting silva is too good an opponent to shake the ring rust off against. and sherk vs florian. im not suprised at all with the outcome. great fight..easily fight of the night.
  12. ok..first of all time to get facts straight for the OP.Dana white is not the one holding up the silva/liddell fight. it is pride's president. They allowed silva to show up @ the ufc ppv to only promote their event happening in the US in november i believe. Secondly Chuck has already openly said after the loss to crocop he doesnt even want to fight wandy anymore. He Wants CroCop which is a horrible decision for chuck but that's another topic for another time.Third. For whoever said wandy is horrible on the ground..he has a black belt in jits..*ju-jitsu for the people who posted but obviously have no idea what they are talking about*. No1 gets a black belt in jits and is horrible on the ground.4th. This fight could go either way if it ever happens. 1 big factor would be the rules the fight is fought under. If fought under pride rules then Silva has an advantage because they fit into his style more. and Vice Versa the UFC rules to Chuck. Another big factor in this fight is what Chuck's Gameplan would be. We've never really seen a true counterpuncher have much success against silva. Crocop was very aggressive in that fight as was silva. Silva's aggressiveness could get him caught although he always has a great gameplan going into fights. *as was stated he was losing the fight against crocop without a doubt* Silva would be very smart to stay at distance from chuck and throw nothing but leg kicks. Not giving chuck the opportunity to counter punch, weakining up his legs, thus either A. Making a shoot much more feasible, or B. Forcing Chuck to change up his gameplan, because face it, if the fight becomes a boring fight with both fighters neutrilizing each other and silva lands the leg kicks he is going to win a boring decision. This would force chuck to become aggressive, and when he becomes aggressive he will get caught with a counterpunch or walk into a takedown, because when he is aggressive he becomes sloppy. This is what happened against Randy Couture the first time.
  13. yea full tilt was my home site for a while. i never had problems reading the bet amounts at all, and like has been said if you dont like the stuff on full tilt you can turn like 98% of it off..with the exception of poker stars i believe it's the best software on the net..the only problem with it before was frequent server problems but they fixed that.
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