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  1. those new gold wizard unis are ugly, gilbertology
  2. kaplan and chad are hilarious. i think kaplan really knows what hes talking about when it comes to poker knowledge and i think norman is hilarious when he makes his wife jokes. i laugh every time but i guess thats just me
  3. sw? theres a gigantic thread about this already. and varkonyi is played by gollum, trust me on this (search it)
  4. i remember seeing the trailer posted on the forums and it said coming in like september and forgot all about it. i think it had like drew barrymore and eric bana in it or something like that. it didnt look that good but i was still gonna go see it. anyway does anyone know anything about it since it obviously hasnt been in theaters yet?
  5. now it would be REALLY interesting if captain tom was on the show too....
  6. hey i like law and order. and the only other option (at least on tnt) is charmed which is maybe the worst show ever...cheese.....that is all
  7. creepy.....btw did any of you see the youtube video of that band's concert on there? omg
  8. i forget whose it is but the dude with KGB going crazy i thought it was hilarious
  9. idiotI am a play money player until I am 18[/b].so
  10. in a home game this one hand came up:i have KKhe has 88 (one of the worst players you will ever see despite the fact that he plays fairly often)flop: 8xxturn: K (this is where the money got all in of course)then, the river: 8. not nearly as sick a beat as the OP's but a one outer nonetheless (although i did catch the K on the turn)
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