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  1. To gamble is more or less to stake somthing that isnt yours or that you dont have.To lose a gamble is to be unable to pay for somthing. Eg playing with money that you can't actually pay, betting your life, things like that.
  2. I vote DN for Leader of the Anti-Player Movement.DN you should stir the waters even more. Form a group of players and stand against the ungreatful 7. Not in a lawsuit but more or less power in numbers. Shun them with a massive following.
  3. I would have an Admin check the email address used to start the account. To see if it is legit.
  4. You do realize most of the things he says on the show is filmed after the game has actually happend.
  5. if fishing is a sport then poker is too.
  6. There will still be rake lol.
  7. I put into small events to have a better shot at winning a braclet.
  8. 40 feakin dollars for a crappy shirt lol. Damn.
  9. That depends really on what you use comutpers for. If you also plan to play video games online i would go with desktop but if you want a computer to take notes on in class then i would go with laptop even though they lack larger game functionality. Also more prone to being stolen or broken.
  10. I call people tilting like that......................sad.
  11. He's what only got about 20% of what most players have atm. I don't think he is in that much trouble unless he goes ahead and blows it all.
  12. There was one actor on wpt that placed 3rd in an event I believe, can't remember who he is.I do know that Danny is a half decent poker player, I've seen him play on a few differnt shows but that had used to support the theory just doesn't do justice.
  13. I hope he makes final table and goes heads up with Daniel. Yes..that would be awsome.
  14. lol that doesnt mean he can play. It means he caught a draw.I am a fan though.
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