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  1. tupapi also needs to fight for his extra 50k....but hes not
  2. poor bastard is so nervous he knocked over his drink and hes not getting any money
  3. nice graphs and hh's tre and jordan. hu is fun. i imagine 10 and 25nl games are beatable at all hours of the day.
  4. he blogged about this at CR not too long ago i thinks.
  5. updates/graphs/audio recording from skype during sessionedit: im slow.+6k or -2k to go still. go gog gogogo
  6. RE: #1...I'm not sure if I am going to agree with all of you here. "light" is relative. we've stated that i can't continue with most hands in this spot on the flop. i also think he would be happy to play for the sb's remaining stack with whatever hand he would 3 bet with there. therefore betting almost always makes sense for him. it's not lighting money on fire because i am going to fold a lot and sb is going to call with a lot of worse hands. there is a ton of incentive for him to bet, no?
  7. i guess i just played with flawed logic.pf i decided to call knowing that the SB would check regardless of the flop and i figured the button would cbet a good percentage of the time here because of his 3bet range and his position and the SB would call a very high percentage of the time....this would build up a lot of dead money in the pot and i would still have fold equity on the button while having the sb dominated most of the time if the flop meshed well with my hand...i felt like this gave me pretty good odds to shove...if the flop was super ugly i could easily get away from my hand...i def
  8. if you are button don't you feel comfortable cbetting almost all of your 3bet hands here? tardboy's flop calling range is still crushed by your 3bet range and i "have" to fold a ton of my pf calling hands. I guess this begs the question: what do yall think the buttons pf and flop cbet range is here?
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