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  1. 1. I bet half the pot with the nut low (i had a2348, i had a345, so i was pretty sure i wasn't getting quatered. Nobody was going to draw for free to thier outs.2. I was fairly certain that he didn't have nut low because i had played a bit with him and had a good feel on the texture of his hand. I also wasn't just drawing at the nut low, i had a good high draw as well, but the 8 was suited with the ace and a blank.3. Again, i wasn't drawing to just the nut low. might not be the best, might not have a huge bkrl, but you gotta build somewhere
  2. the only reason why i tried to educate him was because he wasn't a complete donk. he was playing good solid plo8 and could tell the best hands when they came up.Unfortunantly, he didn't listen to me, and i probably educated some of the other donks at the table
  3. Lets go deal that cold for $1,000 a pop. What, you don't want to?U sure now?All right....
  4. I concur, bad beat stories suck and should never be told for the simple fact that everybody has a bad beat story. it happens to everbody, not just you
  5. your obviously not an om8 playerI'm saying he should have called with the nuts to get the other 2 people to call. We had the pot split already between us and he locked it so no other money was in the pot. exactly, and he only had the nut high, no nut low draw, so he was only going for half the pot.ahh, the worst part about it is he argued with me that it was a good play to move all in
  6. <rant>I am sooo sick of these people that think they play omaha great, but really only play mediocre omaha. I'm talking about they players that can realize the nuts both ways (so it is hard to extract dough from), but don't know how to bet. AHHHHHHHH!!!So mad, i had the nut low on the turn, bet out, 3 people behind me. The ***-hat goes all in and chases out the other 2. He had the nut flush and was telling me he made a good play because the board could have paird the river giving somebody a boat. AHHHHHHHHHH!! This guy just pissed me away close to thirty bucks that hand, because on
  7. if this happened at the start of the tourney, it could be the alternates, but it probably is a mistake on cardplayer's side
  8. dude, that is his shirt, at least i hope that is his shirt
  9. i think that 300 BB's is the standard, so to play a 1-2 lim game you would need $600, play .5-1 until you get it to $600 and then go to the 1-2The standard for nl is 25x buyins. so for a .25-.50 you would need $50x25=$1250. I think, maybe 25 buyins is a bit much. Perhaps i am mistaken with the 25 buyins
  10. I wouldn't do it, but that is me. different strokes for different folks.I was hoping not to flame in this post, but i can't resist79 suited? 79 SOOOOOTED!!! I mean, just cause you were born in 79 doesn't mean that 79s is a great hand. 2 black aces would have been a muchbetter tat FYPQFT
  11. Wrong, the second best hand gets 50% of the jackpot. this isn't poker we are talking about, this is a bad beat jackpot. the AAATT was the THIRD best hand, and should not be counted to the jackpot. the second best hand didn't use both holes
  12. And i agreed at the beginning of this postI'm gonna stop arguing with you over something that has no relevence whatsoever, i was makeing a different point, not pointing at mircro-limit games.
  13. that is hilarious cause i was just recently watching a WPT that had dn onthe final table, and my mom looks over to me and says "id bet $100 bucks he's gay", not serious of courseabout the bet, not that he was gay.I told her he was married though, but she still seemed suspisous
  14. you said some of these people take the high rolling play money very seriously, not as serious as real money though, thus,you willnever find a play money game near as good as even a low limit game (like 2-5 nl) IMHOThere are some good "high stakes" play money games, but not quite real as there is no real value to play money
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