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  1. He played in the NL event today ...Unfortuantely, this post he made looks like it was made after he busted out ...
  2. Alright, Harry and Daniel need to explain to me what the egregious difference is in their mind that the first day must start 10-handed, and the second day be played 6-handed (as it was last year and others), vs Harrah's decided to make the first day 6-handed, and the second day 10-handed to get to a 10 person final table.This was posted on the orginal hand out sheet people! Second day was to start iwth 100 people. Pure and simple. Yes, maybe they did not explain well enough far enough in advance. But that does not mean that this wasn't the plan, and couldn't be deciphered by anyone who rea
  3. After doing some research, I tend to have to agree with MrNiceGuy on this. Although day 1 was a change from the previous format of starting with 10 person tables, they decided to start 6-handed and have full 10 person tables on the second day. Previous day 2's were 6-handed play. Last year was not even a true shootout because of that, as they started day 3 with 13 people and played until down to 10.Now I can easily see where they came up with that decision, not saying that it's right or anything. However great of an idea that this might have been (They were obviously thinking that with 780
  4. Here's a few things to consider.In the early 80's to early 90's, there were no more than 13-17 events typically at the WSOP. Those events were all over the place, with stud, omaha, mixed couples, ladies, razz, etc.From 2000-2005 The number of events has increased from 25 to 45. This year there are 45 as well.From 2000-2005 NL went from 3 - 15 events. This year there are 19.From 2000-2005 Hold-em went from 8 - 25 events. This year there are 29.From 2000-2005 Omaha typically made up 5,6, or 7 of the events, this year was 5.Stud was also played 4,5, or 6 times a year, this year it will be pla
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