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  1. I dont know why people are trying to look all smart by making grammatical corrections here? He said himself in his blog "If you want to read an unedited excerpt from the upcoming book". This is all great info thanks Daniel. Cant wait for the book.
  2. I dont think you guys understand! He HAD the flush. This is not a question of whether or not he had it. He had it. And i knew it 100% He didnt even have to tell me. Which he did later. Q 8 . I know the odds for me to win are 34%. BUt why risk the whole tourney 10 hands in. He had me covered even if he lost he wasnt out. So i REALLY want to ask again. All you guys call and risk the rest of your money and entertainment for the evening on a 34% chance of winning? Given any other circumstance yes i will be calling all in without even second guessing it at all. But i cant call with only any 10,
  3. Ok. So i really wasnt trying so much to brag that i made an awesome fold. Reading back in my initial post i can see where you guys were coming from. And I really do respect any contructive criticism that more experianced players have about my decision to fold. I just didnt really expect so many people to think that what i did was "stupid" and tell that to me straight up. That kind of criticism is just plain rude. So i just have to say Naismith thanks for the advice! And Scott3705 and mrdannyg, you guys can take your beat set of aces and shove them up your ***!! And cry all the way out of the p
  4. OK i have been playing poker for like 8 years now. And also ive been playing with my brothers for just as long. Its not like i "thought" he had the flush i knew he had it. Why would i risk the whole tournement on a hand i knew i was beaten on. Yes there was a chance that i could have won. And yes i was getting 2 to 1 on my money. But i dont think that i have call just call because i had a great hand. I am still satisfied with my decison. I layed down the inferior hand and thats never a bad thing. And i didnt just join this forum cause i wanted to tell this story. Id fold three of a kind to a
  5. Me and about 7-8 of my friends play poker every weekend. Sometimes regular ring game but mostly tourney style. Which i prefer. It was the second tourney of the night and i had made no money on the first. So i was really looking for hands that would be key factors in winning the tourney. So heres what happend. Its about 10 hands in and im down to 1000 from 1500. I get delt Ah Ad and im first to bet after the BB. So I raise to 200 from 30BB. The next three fold. My younger brother calls. And my other younger brother calls. So im really liking this now. and im starting to think that i could do
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