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  1. It may very well be the end of the world: what happens to the money in these accounts once (not if) the president signs the bill? Its all over folks, no point in candy coating it; like Im seeing alot of people doing. Get your money out now if you have alot, and you will probably catch flak trying if you do anyway with Neteller, which may now lose all significance to many people.source: from lasvegasvegas.comFrom the Party Poker Press Release:"After taking extensive legal advice, the Board of PartyGaming Plc has concluded that the new legislation, if signed into law, will make it practically im
  2. Try playing only live for a while. I think in the online games, we see more hands, and get more suited connectors and high card pairs / combos than live games, therefore they get busted out more, seemingly, even though the percentages are still in your favor.
  3. "I agree with our beloved congress: shut this bullsh*t down. The sooner the better: Lets everyone send a letter to your local congressman in support of a global crackdown: lets initiate " the war on online gaming".A small percentage have really won, anyway. It's just a drain on resources and feeds the pipedream of american youth; wanting to be rock stars and professional poker players; turning their backs on science and education. Online poker will basically bring down the American system as we know it, and pave the way for china and India to become technologically dominant: while we become in
  4. I said as a marketing tactic, not that I only play micro limit
  5. We need more frequent $1, $2, $3 MTT tourney's; in fact, just copy Party Poker with respect to this issue. Firstly, because there is no fee; secondly, it 'gives the fly a fighting chance': when players get low on money they can hole up on the buck tourneys. If technologically feasable, it would attract more players to the site, and bring more new players as well; sharks need to feed.Not exactly 'for profit', but consider it a marketing cost to bring fresh meat to the grinder.
  6. shame you may be stuck on the strip, Red Rock is the 'now' place though. Rent a car, don't take a taxi.
  7. Are you driving? check out Red Rock. VERY nice locals casino off Charleston and the 215. Poker room is big, always full, with full table action, if thats what your looking for. Sports book is first class, none better. For slots, best penny slot selection and new games in vegas (pennies= 2 bucks per spin).
  8. You seem intent to find a way to evade the tax burden, so roll the dice. However, I wouldn't underestimate the sophistication of our government, bro.This is too cloak and dagger; i'm outta here.
  9. Have you ever declared poker winnings in the past? what kind of numbers are we talking about? I don't understand why you would want to live in fear when a few simple steps would make you legitimate.
  10. You are tracable: Trust me. Do you really think they can't identify who you are because you use a fake handle? Dude, f*kc fear. Just make a good record of your gambling losses, and write them off against winnings. thats the answer.
  11. You are already exposed. Now you are pretty much committed to pay the taxes as you are on the record as being a tax evader: I assume this is your true handle with accurate contact information. Don't f*kc around; they can come back for years after you file. trust me, borrow money to pay the tax if you must, "you can screw a bank, but not the IRS". They will put your *** in jail. Plan a little better next year. Do you know you can write off your gambling losses against winnings? get a printout and get better records of your gambling activities and write them off against your winnings.
  12. Money is in... Thanks for sharing DN and FCP. Got a much needed boost.
  13. Point well taken. However, don't you think there is a 'ceiling' to the ability to play this game, outside of having outstanding 'psychic powers'? I mean, some point where the actual optimum level of skill to extract the most money from each given poker situation will have been obtained, and this will be acquired by 'more' people?Perhaps if the level of 'new players' increases at a faster pace than amateurs attain 'optimum' playing ability, the term 'pro' will hold relevance in the future.
  14. Hi I'm just saying 'the long run' encompasses the assumption that all things remain the same, and player abilities will remain constant: they won't.'the long run will be the short run as amatures (sp) get better and better.
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