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  1. Ah yes, I also lost my poker book virginity with Phil as well, and I also got it from the library. I remember that one of his starting hand charts was missing a hand. I think it was the Omaha (High) Starting hand chart? I think he missed Q-Q-J-J, it should be hand #19. If might be a different chart, but I know he missed one somewhere.I also watched his Dvd's but only liked the tournament one, because of his entertaining stories about how great he is. I'm also hoping that he has some funny comments in the new WSOP video game, due out in late September. He plugged it on PAD. Yes, he is a master
  2. Wow. I'm glad I cancelled GSN and didn't see that. I would have had a stroke. It's amazing what tv stations get away with.I also wouldn't call a ticker at the bottom of the screen, unobtrusive. Obnoxious, would be a better word. In fact, those tickers are the catalysts for even more clutter.Now, GSN and other stations feel they can get away with anything. Flashing and spinning logos; Coming up next or You are watching messages appearing every 15 minutes or so, are just some examples. Enough already. If you want to know the scores, watch ESPN News. If you want to know what's coming on next, us
  3. Ec5


    There are many. Try these: http://www.pokertvguide.com/us/ (For USA, UK, Sweden-just select country flag on website) http://www.cardplayer.com/poker_on_tvhttp://www.pokertv.com/ http://www.homepokergames.com/tv.php http://poker.oddschecker.com/poker-on-tv (this is for the United Kingdom)
  4. I read somewhere they might push it up to late July or August instead. I think it was a 2+2 post.
  5. I remember watching some of the HSP reruns without those silly games. It's so annoying when the screen gets squished! Apparently, there are some idiots out there who play them, so we have to suffer. I'm sure they'll ruin the WPT episodes with them as well.ESPN2 and ESPN have those annoying tickers at the bottom of the screen, so it looks like clutter-free tv poker will rarely occur. I'm sure eventually, that they'll add a different logo in each corner of the screen; one for Pepsi, one for Tide, etc. They already have Budweiser hole-cams and Degree all-in moments on ESPN, so I'm sure it will on
  6. If one of those nut hands was dealt in a casino and I was playing against some impatient bas tard, I would just sit there mumbling to myself, "I'm not sure what to do? You may have a pocket pair or even A-K and then I'm screwed." Hopefully, he wouldn't call a clock on me and instead try to talk me into folding.I'd then ask him if a full house beats a flush and just keep slapping my face while looking down at the table. Hopefully, he'd drop the F-bomb or take a swing at me and they'd throw the guy out and I'd get the whole thing. Of course, I assume he'd be waiting outside for me all night, so
  7. Sorry for the delay. My time machine was having problems getting started (I have to kick the damn thing just right, or else it keeps stalling). Where was I? Oh yes. 2022. A good year! Anyway, in 2022, nobody seems to playing poker anymore. Apparently, in 2020, they found a cure for AIDS and all the STD's. Also, pregnancy only happens if a woman forgets to drink the tap water every day.So, what do you think people are mostly doing? That's right. They're banging each other morning, noon and night. No more wars. Viagra is even sold at Toy's R'Us. Except the ones sold there are called Viagra Todd
  8. Good question. 15 years from now. One moment.............
  9. Oh good. We're playing One of These Things Is Not Like the Other. I'm good at this game. I'll pick this one because this is a woman and the other two are horses. (pic. on left= Clydesdale; pic. on right= Mustang Annie).
  10. Anyway, you can watch Hachem play on this week's Poker After Dark (taped around the time of the Lucky You advanced screening- for the celebs).
  11. A little throwup isn't enough. Get a bucket ready.I overheard David Williams say that if he won the thing, he'd wear it as a co ck-ring. Braggart!
  12. No, it was a NEW episode. For the next 3 weeks (unless they change the schedule again) all the episodes are new ones.
  13. Speaking of Yummy, I like Shana's new hairstyle. Flatter looking, but still long blonde hair.
  14. Tune to ch.#406 (Sportsnet Pacific) right now (till 8 pm)to watch tonight's New week #11 PAD episode with Raymer, Hachem etc.Shana looks hot in her black cocktail dress and long, flat, blonde hair. Yum.New episodes usually air at 4pm eastern (ch.#404-Sportsnet Ontario-Rogers Cable) and are repeated several times throughout the day, night, and early morning, BEFORE NBC airs them! WOW!
  15. It has no extras, so if you only want one WPT Dvd set, then Season #2 is the one to get. It's got 4 episode commentaries (two with Negreanu and Lindgren+ two with Esfandiari and Laak), and a special show discussing the Final Championship episode with co-hosts: Negreanu, Annie Duke, Hellmuth and Mike Sexton. Box says set is about 22 hours long. Even better value!
  16. No, but I once lost a lot of money playing No-Limit, on Fulltilt, while at work. I was screwing the boss' secretary at the same time, and she kept screaming, "Go all-in, go all-in!", even when I only had 2-7 offsuit. B itch.
  17. I'm shocked too, but disgustingness is listed in the online dictionaries. It's a real word. Not a good one, but real nonetheless.Noun 1.disgustingness - extreme unpalatability (also see: Rosie O'Donnell; just my opinion)Synonyms: distastefulness, nauseatingness, sickeningness, unsavorinessRelated words: unpalatability, unpalatableness - the property of being unacceptable to the mouth
  18. Yes. Daniel's newly taped episodes are considered to be part of Season 2. Last week's Ladies week episodes, were the last of the Season 1 episodes, which had only 10 weeks of new episodes. The rest were reruns.I predict that Season 2 will be PAD's last. Shana will end up replacing Rosie on The View, and Ali Nejad will become the new host of the Price is Right (for 2 weeks, until he's replaced by Carrot Top).
  19. I usually found Layla boring to watch on G4's AOTS. Although, most people just reading the news, will fail to be that interesting (although good cleavage does help improve things).What makes a poker player exit interview, fun to watch, is often the playful banter between the host and the person being interviewed. For example, whenever Shana Hiatt talked to Scotty Nguyen, it was usually great, because he wasn't afraid to flirt with Shana. However, on PAD, Shana often looks silly or awkward, unless she's talking to lively people like Mike Matusow or Daniel Negreanu.When I recently saw Layla, on
  20. Last year, I remember reading in one of the poker magazines, that every single WPT hand ever played (not just the ones shown on tv), was to soon be available online, at the WPT website.I don't know if it ever came about, or if it costs anything to download. Try www.worldpokertour.com and maybe you can find out.
  21. There are no official WPT season 4 DVD's. Season 3 was just a 'Best Of' set (only 8 episodes).Tv poker on DVD, is a thing of the past in most cases now.I assume, WPT Enterprises could release the DVD's, but I doubt they'll bother. There's a better chance of According to Jim coming to DVD, than the WPT.
  22. They'll have more episodes next month. They're brand new ones, so it will be interesting to see if they spiced the show up somehow. I'm hoping they light Ali on fire, so he's less boring.Also, Daniel and Matusow should be in every show, otherwise the snooze factor is just too high.Daniel and Evelyn have dated for years and have stayed friends. Daniel coached her for last year's NBC Heads-Up tournament, and she's played against him so often before that, that it's only natural for her to often mention him when she plays. She respects his game and isn't afraid to mention it.Daniel, often talks a
  23. We don't have FX (legally), in Canada, but episode #1 airs tonight on our Showcase channel. Usually we have to wait much longer to see FX shows (We never got the poker show Lucky, and still no Dirt with Courtney Cox).
  24. Five episodes (seven hours) have aired so far. I usually watch it on WGRZ Buffalo, but for the last 2 weeks they have not shown it because they felt a Buffalo Sabres special each week is better than poker. I then had to watch the poker on Seattle's KingTv (#151 on Rogers Digital) at 6pm eastern time, each Sunday.You can also watch any episode on the NBC.com website, even from Canada (it works),since no Canadian station owns the rights to it. The website even has a page that will tell you who won the whole thing and the actual length of many of the match-ups.There are just two more weekends lef
  25. Daniel sucked out on Mike often, but in the end Mike the Mouth won. Entertaining stuff.
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