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  1. Ya. I don’t agree with it. Kids skate all summer and do camps and everything else for hockey. My philosophy is hang up the skates when hockey is over. Do something else. Kids get burnt out. I have seen it
  2. Is soccer go all year? I guess they are practicing inside
  3. I know a lot of people dont like Babcok, which is fine. He did something every interesting after the Leafs gave up the tieing goal, he put out Tavares,Matthews and Marner together on the next shift. They drew a penalty right away. They scored and never looked back.. Was a little thing but I found it interesting.
  4. Its interesting that the laws in Canada are much more liberal than California. You cant smoke Marijuana in a public place here..Now its not a criminal offense or anything a small fine but its not legal. I dont want to smell that shit in public and anywhere I have my kids around. Also its still federally illegal to smoke pot. So if you have any job where you have to be drug tested , you wont pass..
  5. The Leafs bottoms? They have the 3rd best GAA in. NHL
  6. So you think its a scam to make money rather than showcasing the girls?
  7. For xmas I want this: Kapanen Matthews Nylander Hyman Tavares Marner Marleau Kadri Brown The Matthews Kapanen and Nylander may end up being one of the most explosives attacks in the league
  8. I just applied for a temp job to work the NHL All Star game.. Stay tuned
  9. Underdogs get: Dougie Hamilton Leo Komarov Martin Hanzal 2022 Mustangs 2nd round pick .50 cash 2022 Mustangs get: Carl Soderberg Trevor VanRiemsdyk Blake Coleman 2019 Underdogs 2nd round pick 2022 Underdogs 2nd round pick
  10. Its all good..I am just trash talking and..FWIW feel free to call me an idiot..I can be at times.. We should go head to head on knowledge...Set it up..NO GOOGLE no computers..I win..
  11. Its been over 3 years since the Kessel trade..Lets go back and revisit it..Obviously the Pens got what they wanted and got 2 cups with Philly boy.. Leafs get: Kaspari Kapanen Nick Spaling Scott Harrington Pens first pick 2016(later traded to Anaheim for Freddie Andersen, also gave up a second rounder) New Jersey's 3 round pick which was used on James Greenway Pens get: Phil Kessel Tyler Biggs Tim Erixon 2nd round pick that Pens used on Kasper Bjorkvist Spaling and Harrington have since moved on...Maybe we dont get Freddie without that first round pick..So that was good...
  12. Its implied..I dont mind..I love being an idiot..Its highbrow insults for the win
  13. Hmm Pickard just got waived by the Flyers..I am thinking the Leafs pick him up again. To back up in the AHL
  14. Ya not sure why I thought that.. He cant be a UFA until 7 years in league or age 27..He just burns a year..He can sit out till age 27 I guess
  15. Thanks for calling us all idiots..It must be awesome to be smart and know everything about hockey and life in general..How do you live with yourself?
  16. I wasnt sure of the rule until I read an article yesterday that claimed exactly that.. I have to double check the source
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