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  1. $100K a year till you go broke?
  2. Lots of awesome and relevant Salmon and Wasp conversation seems to be ok
  3. What a disaster for them. I feel really bad for Glen Gulutzan. He has a lot of ties to Fresno as he spent a significant time here. We have a lot of mutual friends with him, and they all say he is such an amazing guy.
  4. Very good point. It is definetely a small sample size and probably a lot to ask a rookie goalie to play 50-60 games...
  5. Carter Hart's numbers have been pretty impressive, considering the goaltending mess the team was in all year. Would they be a playoff team or a contender if Hart played all year?
  6. The Fyre Doc is a must see. The power of social media is insane. I think they said they paid Kylie Jenner $200k for one post? It’s unbelievable.
  7. I know you guys LOVE slack for PMs and stuff..I am assuming you all have phones? We can all text? If you need to get a hold of me , unless I am sleeping, I will return your text right away. Sometimes maybe with a client or driving, but nothing beats texting..So i am a bit confused as to why you guys dont text instead.
  8. We are very excited about this trade..I am jumping up and down literally..We got a top dman for essentially a first rounder and couple of prospects..
  9. We need some good mojo..Lets win a big one before the break.
  10. Ya I though for sure he would, especially since he did the old sign a one day contract and retire as a Blue Jay deal.
  11. So apparently Halladay is going in with no logo on his plaque, according to his wife.
  12. Everytime I hear of Nathan Phillips..I am just reminded of the great area in Toronto named after the same name.
  13. The Edmonton Oilers situation gets weirder.
  14. Well we got the call this morning that one goalie cant make it and Adrian will be attending the California Select Camp this weekend. Pretty huge deal. All the top 2003,2004,2005 kids in the state will be there. So there will be I am assuming 6 goalies there and they will probably pick 3 to represent California in the Western Regional. This is a process to pick the top 2005 kids in the country , they will play in an international tourney. While he probably wont get picked , its a huge experience and opportunity and goes on the resume pretty good.
  15. Daniel with the recent growth of these stupid 10 year pictures..You should post your signature one with Obama somewhere..Im guessing its 10 years old
  16. I realized why I don’t post in this thread. Have fun again. That guy from Newfoundland should be posting something soon too
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