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  1. What an amazing night. If you are a hockey fan and you go to Vegas this is a must event you need to see. It’s just so different than anywhere else. Was a perfect night for us with the kids. We saw an amazing game , lots of goals and we got to see Auston’s 100 career goal ( and 101). To top it off we happened to find them coming out at the bus and the look on my sons face when Matthews waved to him was beyond priceless. Interesting tidbit I have been in attendance to see 6% of Auston’s Career goals. Considering I have never seen him in Toronto play it’s pretty cool
  2. Couldn’t agree more. This issue he is dead on. Like how is this even a political issue. It’s sad to see. Re Friedman. I listen to the podcast. He has some good arguments and info but the last few years he has changed. He comes across as cocky and a know it all.
  3. Our old friend Dan Aka Biatch is in Vegas with his gf and posting a live trip report. It is funny and epic. Must read. https://www.vegasmessageboard.com/forums/index.php?threads/low-roller-trip-w-the-gf-feb-8th-feb-14-4-queens-signature-mgm-live.159091/page-1
  4. Also want to thank the NHL scheduler. Last year before the schedule came out we planned to celebrate my wifes 40th in Vegas for New Years..The Leafs were in Vegas for new years. This year Adrian's tournament which we registered for WAY in advance is this weekend with and the Leafs are in Vegas again. Thanks NHL for the schedule.
  5. The day before heading to Vegas historically for me has been like Christmas Eve as a kid, waiting for the morning presents opening. Its so exciting. Especially the last hour of the drive when the billboards are popping up... This trip is especially exciting as we will be at the Leafs game with my boys. Wife decided she rather spend some time at the spa rather than watch the game. We are hoping for a win and to see Auston's 100th career goal. Should be fun
  6. I hate conspiracy theories but is there any scenario where Lakers don’t face the Warriors in the playoffs. 1 vs 8. It’s going to happen
  7. And two of them better be Steff and KD. Lol
  8. Agree with this. Unfortunately this not paying attention is “industry” wide. I see it in all my pools. It’s very common and tough to police. Long as it’s not blatant cheating I’m cool with it
  9. George was one of my closest friends in high school. A huge Leafs fan and a guy who ran all our hockey pools. He idolized Al Iafrate and lived and breathed hockey. We would for hours talk about hockey at school. We had lost touch after high school but talked to him a few times over the years. George was a great guy but he did get involved with some things that were dangerous and was a known guy who took bets. He was only married like 4 months I think before his death. I was at the funeral and it was extremely sad.
  10. We dont think anyone is doing it, but someone asked about rules and what they are.
  11. Is this my friend that was murdered? I believe now this was 8 years ago..Very good friend of mine in high school..I was at the funeral. Very sad day...They did catch the guy eventually
  12. So it begins the life of a hockey dad!!
  13. Leafs nation is solid lifetime family. Great story.
  14. I dont like this at all...Marner is a special player with unique talents...4 firsts are good, but not for a team that has a 5-6 year window to win a cup.. Panarin isnt going to come to Toronto. He will sign in Florida
  15. This is interesting..I would consider those options. Especially Johnsson and a second...I like Johnsson but Panarin is ELITE and would make a huge difference in a Cup run..
  16. Just putting this out there. The Flyers at my book are 80-1 to win the cup. Might be better elsewhere. Might be worth a hundo.
  17. The playoff race in the West is going to be exciting. It seems like most of the teams dont want to make the playoffs..Pretty interesting stuff.
  18. Yes in that range..I think they are basing it on the percentage of cap..if equated to Mcdavid would be around $14 with the new cap..I read something to that effect
  19. I love the nice 34 at the end of the number
  20. Not sure we can predict that..Why do we feel its only 5 years..After 5 Tavares should be declining yes, I like to think its longer..But you maybe right.
  21. Mckenzie reporting Matthews deal is close and likely $11.5 times 5 year deal. Not sure how I feel about not locking him up max term. I know it brings the AAV lower to go less years but we are in danger of losing him in 5 years when he is in the prime of his career. This may set the new bar for RFAs
  22. How does Randy Carlyle still have a job?
  23. Gonna watch this tonight after the Sharks game.
  24. That was a good comeback after a bad start.. Solid
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