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  1. Be Afraid..Be very very afraid
  2. Congrats..While 8/7 would of been great for a future hockey player..8/8 is awesome too
  3. I was the same..But now that I live a mile away from one, we rarely have it.
  4. I prefer money..But i dont know
  5. HMM..This post I made about 10 years ago....Interesting
  6. We have an AHL bracket pool..For fun..No money..Join please https://bracketchallenge.nhl.com/leagues/ahl2019 password: Ahl
  7. The narratives are wrong..Toronto is a much deeper team. A much better team than last years matchup. All the negative stuff on Freddie is uncalled for..Rask has been very mediocre.. Leafs in 6 (sure its homer pick)
  8. So I figured out why the Leafs are losing..Its a plan..They let Montreal pass us..We end up in the first Wild card spot..Therefore avoiding Boston and Tampa Bay in the first round HMMMM
  9. So this is my 50000th post on this board..I thought i write about my insane poker session tonight, while its still fresh in my head..I ran pretty bad and saw something that is pretty insane.. So here is some back ground..The game we play is Omaha 8 or better..$4-8 limit with a half kill...So if someone scoops a pot minimum $40, the next hand is $6-$12... The game is amazing action, most players dont know how to play properly and play any 4 cards..I am a pretty big winner in the game overall, even with the high rake.. They have a promotion that they have been running for the past fe
  10. Not a bad year for pajama boy...Still has an outside shot at 50 and the rocket...
  11. That’s right. I’m playing for a trophy
  12. It takes a lot of years and posts to get to 50000 in a forum.. Thats like a ton
  13. Such an odd situation...Almost considered dropping Marner as his stats are useless to me this week as i have locked up Goals, Assists and plus Minus..
  14. Seems just like last year the last 16 games is just determining home advantage in first round against Boston. Unless an epic fall, which we dont see, we will finish second or third in division. Lets stay healthy and get through these last few games..Maybe have Sparks play like 5 or 6 games to keep Freddie rested for the playoffs. The defence depth is getting challenged, but it hasnt been a disaster quite yet...Freddie has had to save these guys most of the year .
  15. We have 3 goalies..Still lots of starts left..I have Koskinen, BOB and Markstrom.. He has Rinne, Rask and Greiss The Save percentage is .922 for me and .925 for him
  16. I am in a weekly ESPN heads up pool that is coming down to possibly save percentage and wins. I have Jacob Marstrom tonight..I am afraid.. Wins, Saves, Save percentage and GAA are categories.. We are tied in wins, I have saves locked up and GAA and Save percentage are close..Do I sit Markstrom as the Leafs might put 5 by him? Or does he get a fluky win maybe, even a 1 or 2 GAA performance on 50 shots? I am so torn and it sucks that its the Leafs
  17. If you are looking to trade down to third overall..I suggest we make a deal now..The Russian projects to be the next Ovechkin..
  18. I might have killed someone or got killed with those assholes
  19. Ozighanov, Holl and Marincin..Not ideal..Hopefully wont be too long.. Its ok..we can score 6 goals a game and have an awesome goalie.. Oilers of the 80s..
  20. I hate picking 3..I am not taking a Russian
  21. 5th overall and no home ice advantage..Lets change these rules please.
  22. If the Red Ravens win the lottery I will fly to Toronto, ride the TTC, break the glass and yell at the driver that Zach is a bike lover. Then I will drive up to Sudbury and walk to the nickel and yell Dale is a meth head. Then I will fly to Vegas and walk the strip yelling Daniel is a meat lover.
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