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  1. Hey guys,This is not a brag post since I am from Toronto however, the chance of someone from Toronto at least final tabling this event is very good...A lot of you obviously know Daniel but there are tons of quality top notch players from here....back about 10 years ago Toronto was one of the hottest places of holdem in the world...On any given nite there would be more 10-20 holdem games than there would be in Vegas...From those days a lot of professionals emerged..I personally know at least 10 people playing in Main event..I am sure there are tons more..Serge
  2. After about my 10th try and after cashing with the dvd and hat..Finally finished second in the golf tourney..Looking forward to taking it down so I can make more money off Daniel in prop bets on the golf course...Daniel if you are reading this you still owe me a hundred since the Mustangs smoked the Thieves this year...Good luck to all trying to qualify
  3. E dog playing Ram vaswani heads up 50-100 pot limit omaha
  4. Hey guys...Darrell has his laptop and will be updating the fantasy pool ...so no worries there
  5. Hey guys,Our fellow FCPer Darrell AKA G.O.E (aka sleuthis) is on his way to Vegas tonite..He will be playing in the main event first day..Join me in wishing him good luck and bring home the CASHDarrell will be updating us from time to time on his progress...Serge
  6. I was just wondering why Daniel would agree to run it twice WITHOUT seeing Todd's hand..if he saw Todd s hand there is no way he would agree to run it twice...If I am Daniel and I see Todd agreeing to run it twice..I would be suspicious to whyjust my two cents
  7. Come on guys we are waiting to start a game.....3 sitting ready to go
  8. I am back and i will be playing tonite...come and get me kids
  9. come and gun for me...Iam 2 for 2 for final tables...
  10. I will be back to grab a final table once again....this time looking to win...
  11. Does anyone know when the 2006 wsop will be airing in Canada...I am sure it will air 50000 times, however i am hoping its before 2008..anyone know??
  12. I was joking around about the pitchers...but David Wells seems to be the type that would play
  13. Look at the top 10 in Event no 6David Wells and Carlos Zambrano ....Could Roger Clemens win the main event this year????
  14. I really enjoy my light blue hat..Its very nice and enables me to get deeper in tourneys
  15. I actually used to idolize Sklansky....I had no idea how to play holdem and when it was introuced in Toronto 11 years ago, me and a buddy decided to order THE Sklansky book...We both booked monster wins for the year after reading his book...Never looked back since...
  16. oooh are u challenging me ...I will make it my personal mission to win this tourney tonite....look out FCPErs...
  17. go to pokerstars.net and learn how to play..SAME GUY...NICER WATCH
  18. Neteller is a great service that I highly recommend....I get cashouts directly into my bank account within 2 days....also with the neteller card for a minimal cost i can get cash in my hands...From table to cash in pocket usually within half an hour depending on the siteSerge
  19. I will be playing...ummm..WINNING this tourney tonite...I am calling my shot much like Babe Ruth did...you guys are free to play for second...
  20. The problem with a CLUB is that its not legal...I dont like the idea of us playing in an underground establishment...However if everyone is interested SLEUTHIS has offered to host a house game...
  21. I would recommend use Neteller..much better service
  22. Has there been a change where the points dont automatically update after every hand...or is it a temporary problem??Serge
  23. I along with Grinding away dont understand why this site doesnt have 5000 players...as to the notion of the tables being tight and hard..all i can say is you are way off...the games are very soft and easy...most of the MTTs have overlays...great site..come and see for yourself
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