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  1. As we all know Daniel is fighting for Kenny now...
  2. Hey guys,Does anyone know if any of the current chip leaders are Full tilt qualifiers??As you know they would win an additional $10 million
  3. If anyone didnt hear the first 75 times..Kennyg is going to be in vegas tomorrow and would like daniel to last
  4. Yeah I noticed Phillipe Boucher as well...I guess thats a popular french name
  5. This is probably a stupid question but is the Chris Martin still in the ME the same Chris Martin the Coldplay guy???Flame away if I am wrong
  6. I am hoping someone can write a TRIP REPORT...I havent been down there in several years to play poker...I remember the last time i was there they had no air conditioning..hopefully that is changed..so please someone a detailed report???
  7. Also sounds like its illegal.....Wouldnt post names and places of illegal operations in a public forum
  8. I am Silverstar..but no survey
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  11. I did try Pokerpages...They have a full list of players that finished the first 3 days with their respective chip counts
  12. Thanks I will try them...Its just that Pokerwire and Cardplayer make it seem like only big names and actors are only playing
  13. Depends which Friday..He has switched his home games to Saturdays now..with occasional Fridays...He got knocked out first day by none other than Layne Flack...Key hand for him was he had Aces on a board of JQ3 with two hearts...He got it all in against 910 of hearts...The VILLAIN hit the kIng....that crippled him and a few hands after Flack knocked him out...Serge
  14. In years past there would be full listing of players that are still in the tourney ..Its very hard to follow your friends if they arent big names in the poker world....I am hoping once we get down to all the players playing on the same day there will be a full update...Pokerstars blog has a list of only POKERSTARS qualifiers
  15. Thanks guys,It really wouldnt be fair if you can just take 4 shots at it...Serge
  16. Thanks...Wasnt sure since I have played in tournaments before where the people that get knocked out can come back in as an alternate..Possibly only works for Rebuy tourneys though
  17. Hey guys,Not sure if this was discussed but I am pretty sure I have noticed the same person on two separate day ones..Is this allowed..Say you busted first day can you enter as an alternate in Day 2 3 or 4???So technically you can play 4 times if you bust out..Anyone know the proper answer???Serge
  18. I will definetely be up for this..Me and Darrell will probably come down..just let us know the details...Darrell is back from Vegas Aug 12....Serge
  19. Havent been there in a few years..hope someone can post a trip report..I heard that the casino is already open
  20. Dont have too much details..HOwever sad to report that Darrell is out ...In his message he said his aces got cracked on the river by a straight and then he was knocked out by Layne Flack..Oh well....
  21. Hey guys, Just got a message from Darrell..After the second break he is doing ok with about $12000 in chips...one hand he had was QQ against aces and he flopped a set...busted the guy...Things are going well..Keep you guys updated as I hear moreSerge
  22. I think our american friends might disagree , but per capita there are a lot better players coming out of Canada...My opinion
  23. Yup it was last nite....I really like these tourneys as they give you a lot of play...and its not an all in fest at the final table...
  24. Lets go Canada...on a side note if anyone follows our Alternative Hockey League that daniel talks about a lot...3 people in Main Event from that league..and sadly I am not one of them
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