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  1. Hey guys I love to join u guys...I am good for monday afternoon
  2. Usually its a kill pot when one person scoops the pot..over a prescribed minimum amount..Full kill would be double the game..for example , Playing $10-20 full kill would revert to $20-$40..Half kill would be $15-$30 for the NEXT hand only...
  3. I have stayed at Imperial Palace before..HOwever nothing beats the Mirage..Last time I got upgraded to a suite because they had no more non smoking rooms...I believe they also have a pretty decent poker rate if you ask
  4. Hi all,Does anyone have a schedule on when the WSOP 2006 will be airing in Canada..thanks
  5. Sorry grinder..I am out..got my chips in with AK vs JJ...lost itThanks for it all
  6. break timeYour current position is 444 out of 645
  7. i am in good shape $2570 chips...
  8. 20 minutes in 400 PLAYERS POOF
  9. awesome Grinder..here is my update: largest 8850, smallest 30, average 1864 Your current position is 380 out of 1373 Time bank balance is 60 second
  10. Over under on players at the breakI say 675
  11. 5 minutes in we knocked out a 100
  12. First hand I Play KK...up to $2100
  13. ..all right its on...good luck all
  14. i am in for the last longer bet
  15. Ok can Grinder or someone else get everyones names in one post so we can follow each other...I never been so pysched for a $3 tourney before
  16. Ok I am signed up...I will also donate 10% to charity..I am in
  17. grinder..i ll give it a shot..sergetoronto is my name on stars
  18. Yes its true..Sirius 125 will be covering it....They have been pretty good through out the series
  19. Eli Elezra is like the regular losing 10 20 players i have played with here in Toronto..I may be off(probably am) however not impressed at all....There are a lot tougher 10 - 20 games I have played in than that bunch of high stakes players...
  20. Its getting annoying to read all the threads about internet players....People seem to think that just because you are an internet player you are a donk...This is way off...People perceive that just because a player is on tv they are a pro making lots of money and are GOOD poker players...This is not right at all....There are tons of INTERNET players that most have not heard of that are WAY better players than the TV players that people idolize...An internet player can play as many hands as a TJ Cloutier or a Dan Harrington s career amount of hands in a few short years....A lot of these tv play
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