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  1. Im very excited to be working on a dream of mine that is about to come true. We are in production on a bimonthly sports talk show where I will be producing and hosting. While we will be mostly hockey centric, we will have guests from most sports in the area..AAA baseball, soccer and the most popular Fresno State Football and basketball teams. College is huge here, Fresno State is having a big year and are 23rd in the nation in the last poll.. It will be broadcast on cable television here and you guys can watch it online after it airs.
  2. They won one playoff round since 2006..They had the first overall pick 4 times in 6 years.. Sure you can argue the Leafs had a similar run in the Burke era, but the amount of high draft picks, the questionable trades and weird signings and the executive stays in place..
  3. well played..Your team's Dougie Hamilton is a jackass that needs to be dumped..
  4. Obviously you missed the point. They were a team with major issues and a lot of bad contracts and are now a legit contender within a 5 year span..The Oilers have been bad for much longer. Not saying the Leafs of the 80 and 90s werent worse, just the new administration post Shanahan
  5. Always an unwarranted jab at the defenceless Mustangs. May your team give up 12 EN goals in a row to cause you to lose by a half for the next 12 games
  6. New head coach of the Blues with my good friend Killer Kevin Kaminski.
  7. Who is next? Mike Sullivan? Gerard Gallant?
  8. I think he is worth more IMO..Only based on the fact of the contract situation. The Leafs have Nylander under control for a few years, EK is a free agent.
  9. Dave, are we ok with Babcock now? I have a feeling you feel they are winning DESPITE him?
  10. Right..They need to put the right executives in place...The Leafs were probably in a much worse hole than the Oilers..But we turned it around fairly quickly with not as many high end draft picks...
  11. Why does Kevin Lowe keep his job. He is the problem.
  12. Historically first games like this after a long trip doesnt bode well..Especially against a very good and hot Columbus team. Should be a good test.. 12 days till Dec 1
  13. Good questions..McDavid after the third year can be resigned again with the appropriate increases 40%-20%-20% Starting salary for first round picks is $25..They must be called up when they play their 41st game in the NHL..Then can be signed up to 3 years after that. There are 14 teams in the league. I would say the top 15 players for 2019 are already drafted..
  14. Currently I went with Washington..Columbus is very hot and the whole home after a long trip thing.. Montreal also running well, I cant trust LA at all.. Its a toss up for me still
  15. Offered a huge trade in the NGFHL, Darrell's pool..I am running very much under EV and I am a bit tilted and I may do the trade. Rules are very similar to AHL, however instead of $60 cap we have $1000 cap..Here is the offer: I would get: Miro Heiskanen...$25...UFA Ryan Nugent Hopkins $58...UFA Kevin Labanc $6 $11 $16 signed two more years Oliver Wahlstrom...Farm Max Lajoie.....$1 Raphael Lavoie ..18 year old projected to go top 10 in 2019 ( we can draft 16 year olds) 4 first round picks in 2019..Non of them are projected to be top 5 I give up: Connor Mcdavid $85 UFA. Pr
  16. Help me in beating the hated Puck Warfare..(well we dont hate him, but he is too good) Toronto at home to Columbus Washington in Montreal LA in St Louis Who is your goalie pick
  17. I almost picked up a player..But then I got get up in family stuff and football watching..
  18. I suck at this..I am looking forward to Bonsignore..
  19. Great night last night in San Jose. We were part of a pretty strong Leafs fan group. Seems like everywhere we travel is like that. San Jose is a great rink to watch a game. Its made for hockey. I have been to LA as well and I dont like it. The fans are always nice to us and its very friendly. Not like those pieces of shits in Ottawa who can all go eat a dick cheese vegan pizza. Kids had a blast. - Kapanen is awesome, speed is tough to beat. - Freddie saved our butt most of the game, way too many chances we gave up. - Karlsson and Burns arent very good together. On paper yo
  20. Article by Pierre Lebrun today makes the point that Dec 1 isnt really the deadline to trade Nylander. While he cant play in the NHL after Dec 1st, the Leafs can still trade him to a non contender for assets up to February 25. Either way we are winning games without two major assets right now, which is a huge plus.
  21. How is this for a bizarre trade that would never happen: William Nylander to the Sharks for Erik Karlsson and Kevin Labanc EK hasnt been fitting in well with the Sharks yet..Top 2 dman in San Jose are right handed..Reilly and EK on the PP would be awesome on the point.
  22. The fans and the media are literally insane , or just stirring up bs..Our good friend Damien Cox, maybe utilizing the new Marijuana laws is suggesting the Leafs trade Auston Matthews.. Some of the Nylander proposals are pretty nutty too... Lets see what happens.
  23. Congrats brother..Awesome to see the family growing
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