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  1. Well, 4 of my past 6 tournaments ended like this:9th of 40 when 5th and better get money.20th of 115 when 18th and better get money.5th of 25 when 3rd and better get money.24th of 235 when 18th and better get money..It seems like I am always near the bottom in chip stacks when it gets near the end, and the blinds just bust me out alone. Any reccomendations on how much you should be increasing your stack per level, etc?thankseck
  2. I got "The Poker PLayer's Bible" by Lou Krieger for Christmas, and it defines how to learn the outs and your odds. However, it is described in a -very- confusing manner. Does anyone have a good book or website that explains it to a non-mathematician! I would love to learn this, but it seems so difficult to learn..-brian
  3. Have all of you noticed how much slow-playing monster hands has been used in real money or tourney environments. It seems like everytime I catch a pair I have the guy thats been checking to me, raising me out of the game. It's been getting very frustrating of late to have someone check-raise me.. I understand it is a tactic of the game, but to see it as much as I have seen it, I am better off checking around everytime I have something monsterous.btw, this is my first post here, just got beat on two pair to three of a kind by someone who slow played it off the flop.-brian
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