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  1. currently 5/11 play has slowed down a bit but should be final table soon
  2. oh well, its still good to beat 905 other people, although it sucks to miss out on a 1k prize. And its not like I didn't suck out myself earlier (KK>AA)thanks for the support, time for bed, gotta work in 5 and half hours
  3. thanks everyone for the railing, finished in 5th for $248AT<KQ
  4. feel embarressed asking but it's time for my first ever rail call. tourney 38704569. Was chipleader but doubled up ak twice with aq and then aj. now 3rd in chips with 4 tables to go
  5. HiA poker room running sngs has just recently opened up, and they are about to start running a step tournament. four steps, each round., winner moves up a step, next three get another buy in for the current level.So my question is, what is the strategy?In a normal sng its cash, then win.In one winner sattelites, its play to win.I'm thinking, try to get in the top 4 everytime and hope to luck a first every so often to move up, is this ok?thanks
  6. congratulations.I also came back from a big negtive number recently and know it feels great. I was in the positive for a whole two weeks, but I know you'll do better than that because you've already learnt bankroll management.good luck in the future
  7. nooooooooooooooonah not really it was fun and now i post, i still thank Aces for that.but a little argh, why did i sleep, lol.
  8. alright alright, i'm going to bed, no one else win while im gone
  9. yeah im going to bed, i just have a slight case of insomnia.so heres an ettiquete question, I'm not involved in the pot:4 players preflopraise to 25, call, call, raise to 100, all in to 110, call, call, reraise to 200?, call call.now i said at this moment wtf, he can't raise, dealer was an idiot and didn't realise what was wrong, and no one in the hand cared, am i supposed to shut up.same thing happened with a different dealer a little later but this guy knew what he'd done wrong when i questioned him after and said he realised almost straight away but the only player left to act had already f
  10. I must say i've never run up a post count so quick on a forum before, thankyou Aces for bringing me out of my shell
  11. wouldn't you be happy if you could create something this good
  12. this strategy i believe is only valid if you can then TP/MM with your newfound bankroll
  13. so who thinks they can come up with a good strategy for this game?ideas?
  14. i was up this late yesterday playing, which is why i was asleep till 5 today, but agreed its time for bed ... soon
  15. i think trying to get people to leave should be against the rules. this should be an endurance contest
  16. i think this guy is a genius, page three with this prediction antd we're already up to page 10 in less than a day
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